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Sébastien Jeudy via E-Mail

Interview with Fleecy Moss
Sébastien Jeudy, author of l'Annuaire Amiga Francophone and editor at Planet 100% Amiga has done this little interview and permitted to publish it:

Sébastien Jeudy: Following the announces of Saint-Louis, here are some questions concerning AmigaOS vs MorphOS: The next AmigaOS (4.0 to 5.0) will upgrade to full PPC and include the AmigaDE part. Now AmigaOS and MorphOS are really in competition. How will you react?

Fleecy Moss: We work to forward the Amiga, as always. How our company reacts depends upon too many things to go into here.

Sébastien Jeudy: What do you think about MorphOS?

Fleecy Moss: I think it was a brave attempt by people to continue the AmigaOS when it looked as it no one else was going to. I think the people working on it are all highly skilled, and I have spent a large period of the last few months trying to get them to work with Amiga to forwards the Amiga. I am always open to talking to them.

Sébastien Jeudy: Do you think that you (Amiga Inc.) and the Ralph Schmidt Team could work together? (MorphOS has already some interested PPC parts...)

Fleecy Moss: Amiga Inc. will work with anyone who wants to work with us, but they have to understand that in doing that, Amiga will also work with others and that that is our choice, not theirs.

Sébastien Jeudy: Have you contacts with the Ralph Schmidt Team?

Fleecy Moss: I met them in Cologne, I have spoken to Ralph a few times and have spent much time dealing with intermediaries.

Sébastien Jeudy: Will you stop their works or will you let them to continue their MorphOS development?

Fleecy Moss: I would be very happy to involve them in the team advancing the Amiga. If they chose to do their own thing and are doing nothing illegal, then they should have nothing to worry about.

Sébastien Jeudy: Don't you think that this competiton will divide our little community ? :-(

Fleecy Moss: Consumers, dealers and developers must follow their hearts. I can guarantee them that we will do our utmost to provide the best solution for them, and for all those out there who should have their lives improved by the Amiga experience...but I cannot, and would not force them.

Sébastien Jeudy: bPlan has said that their Pegasos will run with MorphOS. Can you confirm us that the Pegasos will also run with the future AmigaOS (i.e. the full PPC + AmigaDE version)?

Fleecy Moss: Last time I checked, bPlan still said they wanted to produce an AmigaOne. I shall be checking again this week.

Sébastien Jeudy: Thank you very much Fleecy and Best regards, Sebastien Jeudy.

Fleecy Moss: Thanks Sebastien, and a big hello to all the french. (unk) (Translation: unk)

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