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WinUAE: Kaillera Beta 1 - Gaming via the Net
First off
WinUAE-Kaillera was developed by Sane and Thrill. The original WinUAE was developed by Brian King, based on the original UAE. Brian King has no part whatsoever in the development of WinUAE-Kaillera, therefore do not send him any questions about this beta-release, as he can't answer them. Kaillera, the engine on which this product is based, is developed by Christophe Thibault, who also has nothing to do with the actual development of WinUAE-Kaillera. See at the end of the document for related websites. Bug-related questions should go to .

WinUAE-Kaillera enables users of this great emulator to play against another person over a TCP/IP network, such as the internet. For this it uses the Kaillera-Engine, a program developed specifically for enabling emulators to achieve netplay. As Kaillera itself already has proven its merits on emulators such as Mame and Bliss, this was the perfect choice for the development of this program. In this first BETA release there is support for (shared) keyboard and joystick. Mouse does NOT work yet (we're working hard on that one :). Do not expect this BETA release to work flawless. This version uses the source code as released on the WinUAE page, v0.8.14. As there are new versions out already, it could be that this version does not work on your computer. Do not send bug reports/questions about this please.

First of all: netplay requires a fast and good internet connection. A typical ping to the other player should not exceed 150 ms, otherwise the game could become difficult to handle. In theory there is no reason you can't run it on a 56K modem, apart from the fact that modems sometimes prove to be unreliable. Judge for yourself. When you start WinUAE-Kaillera you will notice a few changes over the original WinUAE. On the 'Configuration'-tab there is an extra button 'Start Kaillera', furthermore the 'Gameport'-tab has three extra buttons 'Remote 0', 'Remote 1' and 'None' (default).

Before playing, both players should first acquire the exact same configuration-file. Any differences in these can/will cause the game to 'desync'. Ofcourse the game/kickstart should also be the same.

The 'Remote X' buttons must be configured prior to any netplay. They decide who is using what joyport on the remote end. If you are using joystick 0 in port 0, and the remote player is using joystick 0 in port 1, you should enable 'remote 1'. The remote player should do exactly the reverse and enable 'remote 0'. Furthermore make sure your joystick settings are right. Each player should use joystick 0 on its local port, and have joystick 1 configured for the remote port. See screenshots for clarification.

After you both verified your settings are correct on both ends, press 'Start Kaillera' on the 'Configuration'-tab. The Kaillera-window will now be opened, and you can use a server from the list that appears on the screen or enter an IP of another Kaillera- server. If you are both on the server, one player creates a game using 'create game' on the bottom. After that, the other player can simply join the game, by selecting it and pressing 'join'. If you are both ready, the player that created the game starts it by pressing 'start game', and off you go!

Finally, the local player can start the game, after which both emulators will start loading the game.

The emulator will now sync up (this takes a little while) and the game will be loading. You can now play just as you would play on a single computer, with the extra addition that the keyboard is shared. You can both press keys on it to choose extra options. For clarity and fair play, it is recommended that you decide beforehand who is handling the keyboard.

Close information about how to use it including screenshots and hints how to solve problems are available in the documentation.

This is about a beta release which still might contain bugs. Bug reports can be sent to

Download: (unk) (Translation: unk)

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