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Olaf Köbnik

Amiga Arena news
Amiga Arena full version: Offensive COLOURS
With permission of Carsten Magerkurth and Andreas Magerl, Amiga Arena makes the release of Offensive COLOURS possible! Offensive COLOURS is the exciting synthesis of Tetris and breakout.

You steer a spaceship in the center of the screen; colored blocks grow out of the screen borders towards you. To stop them, you are armed with a colored disc with which you can shoot at the blocks.

Should the color of the disc match that of the shot block, your score increases and the block vanishes. If not, the disc will be thrown back to you and the colors of block and disc will be exchanged. The new color of the disc then maybe allows the elimination of another block.

If your disc hits a row of blocks that have the same color, the entire row vanishes. The first block scores the usual points, any further two times the usual points. The game ends when the blocks have reached you.

Amiga Arena download: Renegarde
With permission of Wayne Ashworth, the action game "Renegarde" is available for download. It is a freeware game. "Renegarde" is an "Alien Breed" clone for two players, fun and the inspired design speak for themselves. (ps)

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