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Christoph Meier (ANF)

Grafik: H&P release ArtEffect Plugin Collection
Haage & Partner released a plugin collection for the image editing software 'Art Effect' including more than 333 loader modules, frames, filters, and special effects. H&P wrote about this on their website:

«Finally - the biggest effects and filters collection for ArtEffect is available. It consists of more then 333 loaders/savers, borders, filters and special effects.

We heavily extended this collection since our first announcement. Now it also contains AE Superview with about 30 loader and saver modules.

Autolevel is a new filter that automatically corrects the contrast of a picture. This improves your scanned picture and those taken with a digital camera a lot. One of the best effects is Shine which adds a shine around objects. This effect is best know from the Glow icons. We also have a Glow effect that also adds a shine, but makes the object itself shine too.

It is important to mention, that Shine, Glow and most of the other effects (e.g. the popular "unsharp mask") will support layers or more specific: they can deal with the transparency of layers.

As a bonus we added the full version of ArtEffect 2. This version already support layers and so nearly all effects of this collection can be used. This makes the collection a full paint package.

This collection is the ideal and inexpensive tool to improve your scanned pictures and digital photos and to add amazing effects to them.» (sd) (Translation: mj)

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