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Soren Ladegaard, webmaster at (ANF)

Haage & Partner supports The Commodore Billboard (Update)
As a sign of their continued commitment to the community, Haage & Partner will now be hosting more than 25 Commodore TV-ads featured at The Commodore Billboard.

The Commodore Billboard is the internet's largest archive of Commodore marketing material such as adverts, brochures, tv-commercials, merchandise etc.

The Commodore Billboard has had server problems during the past few months resulting in dead links in the "commercials section".

"Sure we are pleased to help" says Markus Nerding, managing director of Haage & Partner. With Haage & Partners' solid position in the Amiga market, the files are guaranteed to be online for a long time for all Amiga / Commodore fans to enjoy.

Lots of classic Commodore marketing material has been scanned and added to The Commodore Billboard.

  • A fourty-page Page English Commodore Brochure!
  • New Danish Commodore Adverts Section! Two Danish Commodore Adverts.
  • New Greek Section! One Greek A500 Brochure
  • One German 1541 Brochure
  • Two German CDTV Brochures
  • Two German CD32 Brochures
  • Two German A1200 Brochures
  • One German A4000 Brochure
  • One Dutch PC Brochure
  • One German PC 286 / 386 Brochure
  • One German 286 / 386 / 486 / Amiga / C64 Brochure
  • Nine New Items In The Miscellaneous Section - Matches, T-shirts And Much More!

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