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Ben Yoris / Hyperion (ANF)

Hyperion Entertainment: Website moved and has got new features
Hyperion Entertainment is very proud to announce our webmaster has completely revamped our website and migrated it to a more powerful server.

The new website can be reached on

Key-sections of the site including the general FAQ and the corporate info have been updated.

Apart from a new progress report on Freespace, the new site now also has a download section where users can register their copies of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD.

Registered users will be able to download updates of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD which will address certain issues with the Voodoo 3 drivers, squeeze out more performance and boost visual quality.

Registered users will moreover enjoy further priviliges such as early access to new versions of Warp3D and be eligible for beta-testing of our future titles.

Please take the time to register your copy of Heretic 2 and Shogo:MAD!
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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