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Magazine: REBOL/Zine Issue 4 Vol 1
On 3. August 2001 Jeff Kreis has released the 4. issue of the REBOL/Zine magazine and made it today online available. This English online magazine covers the REBOL system. The current issue contains articles regarding the following subjects:
  • REBOL Header is alive - accessing header entries of a script
  • Plain text to HTML.. in one line - inserting of P tags using the Parse command
  • Look ma, just one face! - example for the Pane function
  • RUGBY - sending commands via the network to REBOL processes (Distributed Computing)
  • It's Alive!!! - Several practical hints for REBOL
  • Basic Make-doc - short introduction into the document format of 'Make-doc'
  • Get-Word! - correction referring to the mail filtering article (mbox) in the REBOL Zine 1
(sd) (Translation: wk)

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