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Amiga Future

Datatype: WarpTIFF V44.2
Oliver Roberts released version 44.2 of his WarpTIFF datatype, which runs on both 68k and PPC Amigas under WarpOS and MorphOS.

Changes since prior version:
  • New: Multi image TIFF files support. Applications can select the picture to be displayed via PDTA_GetNumPictures- and PDTA_WhichPicture tags.
  • New: CMYK graphics support.
  • Bugfix: PixarLog decompression did not work.
  • Bugfix: Files missing the StripByteCounts tag don't cause crashes, any more.
  • Bugfix: Files missing information about samples per pixel now are loaded without problems.
  • Bugfix: Fixed problems while operating pictures without separate colour components.
  • Changed: Error operation and error code return have been reworked and enhanced.
  • Changed: Several code not needed any more was removed.
More information available under the title link.

Download: WarpTIFFdt.lha (204K) (sd) (Translation: mj)

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