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Marco Frischkorn (ANF)

Publication of data of the game BATTLE
Marco Frischkorn writes:
After considering the issue I have decided to publish a part of the data and of the texts of the suspended game BATTLE. Originally the texts of "The great NewsPaper" should be complemented each week to bypass the time until the game has published. Furthermore it was meant as a introducing story.

The story itself represents a small part of the things which you had experienced in the introduction and later in the game itself. Should I meet my former graphicer then I will try to get some Whiteboards for the introsequences.

Furthermore there is a small choice of graphics of the game respectivly of its parts. You can also find screenshots of one or another tool. As soon as I will find a little bit more time I will also add some comments to the most important pictures.

If anybody should ask for the source code...NO WAY!

And now have fun with the things you can find here! (ps) (Translation: dr)

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