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AdvoGraf: At full trottle into the grit
Michael Schumacher, the popular Ferrari race driver, queues to the squad of admonishers. He considers the domain, carried by Michael "Micha" Stanka, to violate his name rights.

AdvoGraf smugly wrote: "At first the questions is, which part of name is to be violated, cause "Michael" rather is a collective term for male Germans than an individual identity feature - and to call someone Michael "Micha" neither is much inventive nor seldom. And that the Ferrari pilot has "Formel 1" for his second (first) name at least was hidden from the author, up to now."

Complete AdvoGraf article (German) under the title link.

More links on this subject (German all):
Golem: Michael Schumacher lässt Domainnamen abmahnen
internetWORLD: Abmahnung: Schumi nimmt Web ins Visier
ZDNet: Schumacher lässt Teenager abmahnen
(ps) (Translation: mj)

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