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Jan Andersen (E-Mail)

Virus Help Denmark: xvs.library update
The xvs.library (External Virus Scanner Library) has been updated today.

Remember if you use VirusExecutor, VirusChecker II or VirusZ, you MUST install this library in you libs: dir, if not, your anti-virus program can't find the new viruses. It is very important, we get email from users that has not updated this library for 2 years ??????????????

Here is some info about the release:

Name : xvs.library v33.30
Archive name : xvslibrary.lha
Archive size : 57.295 bytes
Release date : 20 August 2001
Programmer : Jan Erik Olausen

xvs.library size: 58.140 Bytes

News in version 33.30:
  • Added Jode Capullos 2 Trojan file virus
    Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the file
  • Renamed MKG to Jode Capullos 1
  • Added Hitch-Hiker 5.00 Installer file virus
    This is the same for all three link viruses
  • Added Hitch-Hiker 5.00 Link virus
    Added Hitch-Hiker 5.00a Link virus
    Added Hitch-Hiker 5.00b Link virus
    Thanks to Jan Andersen for the HH5 files.
Remember to join the Amiga antivirus maillist for free. Just send an empty email to:

To leave the maillist, just send an empty email to:

You can find this update at Virus Help Team's websites, and on Aminet within the next 24 hours.....

PS: If you think that Jan Erik Olausen is doing one hell of a job, with keeping you Amiga secure for viruses, then send him a little donation. I know that xvs.library and VirusExecutor is freeware, but Jan has done one hell of a job in the last 6 month, to add new virus recog. in VirusExecutor and now with xvs.library. Send him 4 or 5 US-$, a postcard and even flowers, if you think he is doing a great job, and would like to keep the xvs.library alive......
(ps) (Translation: sk)

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