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Amclust "Amiga Club Steinfurt" (ANF)

Amclust & AC Osnabrück hardware event with (DCE) PCI board presentation
On the next weekend Amclust and the AC Osnabrück meet for a "Amiuser" weekend in Rheine. The meeting is taking place from 21.09. to 23.09.2001 in Rheine in the TV-Jahn Haus, Germanenallee 4.

Following are the activities planned:
  1. Computer check
  2. Software hints
  3. Cando programming with Ch. Effenberger (support)
  4. Discussions with Frank Mariak and Thomas Dellert
  5. Hardware presentation of the GRex PCI boards in A1200, A4000D/T with Thomas Dellert
  6. Presentation of CyberGraphX (native) under MorphOS with Frank Mariak
  7. Hardware presentation of the keyboard adapter for multimedia keyboards (SuperFeatures).
(ps) (Translation: wk)

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