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Eyetech: Information about the AmigaOne
Alan Redhouse, Eyetech, posted some statements about the AmigaOne regarding AmigaOS 4.0 and the boot sequence on the AmigaOne mailing list.

«1. OS4.0 is based on OS3.9 which does need 3.1 ROMs

2. Backwards engineering/testing for OS3.0 compatibility would add weeks onto the already late OS4.0

3. Of course some of this stuff can be put in flashrom/hard disk but this would require a hugh effort in retesting/linking bits of code from various sources adding further to the cost/delay of OS4.0.

4. As I have said several times before on this list the boot sequence for the A1/OS4.0 is:

PPC boots from flash ROM & initialises A1 main board, including any A1 graphics and any available A1 board boot devices (HD, CDROM, SCSI, USB, etc. drivers) PPC loads 68K emulator from flash rom and executes an emulator reset Emulator executes A1200 boot sequence which looks round for boot devices (A1200 HD, FD, PCMCIA & A1 HD, CDROM, SCSI, USB etc) Emulator boots OS4.0 from the highest priority boot device.

5. From OS4.2 the bootstrap loader (& main drivers) will be in the A1 flash ROM and the 68k emulator will only look on the A1 board for boot devices (inc USB floppies, CDROM's etc etc)

Hope this helps

Alan" - Eyetech» (sd) (Translation: mj)

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