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Amarpreet Singh Munde (ANF)

Datatype: DocDatatypes V40.22
Amarpreet Singh Munde has released an update of DocDatatypes.

DocDatatypes is a set of datatype classes for documents. The list of supported formats include: MS-Word (Windows, Mac, OS2), RTF, WordPerfect, Write, MS-Works, AmiPro, WordStar, WordStar 2000, Pocket Word, Quill, XyWrite III, Psion Word, Psion TextEd, Palm DB TEXt Doc (pdbdoc), First Word Plus, Mac Write and Mac Text.

New for this version (40.22) is the support of writing Compressed Palm Docs and the fixing of the Mac Write, Mac Text, Mac TeachText and WordPerfect 4 descriptors. Also all datatypes have had some speed improvements and memory optimisations.

There is also the latest version of FindFile in the archive. A new fast, easy to use file finder application that offers search by name, size, date, and even file type.

Also, in association with Amiga Arena, DocDatatypes Lite is available for registration at a reduced fee for those who do not require support of all the exotic formats.

Available to download only from (ps) (Translation: rh)

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