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Textviewer: EvenMore Version 0.59
The freeware-textviewer 'EvenMore' has been published in version 0.59. With the plugins it is now possible to convert HTML to text.

Download: EvenMore.lha (585 KB)

Recent history:

  • Removed messy filetyping code. Created a plugin which allows filetyping, which can be easily changed using a textfile.
  • Created basic HTML2Text plugin.
  • Created a Linux manual to tex conversion plugin.
  • Updated all plugins with an extra PROC, em_begin(). This is used as a pre-parse PROC, and is needed to tell EvenMore if it is necessary to create a new memory space for the file if the resulting contents from the plugin will be bigger than the original. Older plugins will no longer work properly!
  • Thanks to Raul Silva for the portuguÍs catalog!

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