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Virus Help Denmark

Virus Help Denmark: Safe V17.7, Integrity V1.2
Version 17.1 of the virus detector "Safe" by Zbigniew Trzcionkowski was released. "Safe" recognizes viruses in memory and removes them if possible.

Safe contains a bugfix and the packet was splitted into three parts: "Safe", "Integrity" und "WatchDog".

  • Bugfix: Fixed "mislooks" in VECS, SAVEMEM and DIS anyway, seems only I use these options...
"Safe" runs on AmigaOS 2.04+ and requires xvs.library.

"Integrity" is a disk tool displaying any file added, deleted or changed since the last time "Integrity" was launched. This is helpful to discover viruses / trojans in the system, but information also can be used to remove recently installed but not desired files, such like fonts, libraries, etc..

"Integrity" runs on AmigaOS v2.04+, the MMU version requires mmu.library.

Download: (sd) (Translation: mj)

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