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Timo Kloss (E-Mail)

Development System for Graphic Adventures: Inga-Engine Version 1.02/7 u.m.
A new update is available for "Inga," the development system for graphic adventures. It has to do with the number five, which has been around for a few days already. Indeed, two small mistakes in the application have been overcome today.

Inga-Engine Version 1.02/7 (Beta)
  • Disappearing pointer error: fixed.
  • Absence of cdplay library caused an error message, even when the audio-CD support was deactivated: fixed.

Inga-Engine Version 1.01/7 (Beta)
  • Command "SpielEnde" (GameEnd) to exit the system.
  • Messages (for example "Abbruch" (Quitting)) on the top window edge disappear, when entering a new area.

ScriptShell Version 1.11
  • The game logging data is saved quicker.

InutilisGraphics Version 1.05
  • The entry of the name data is saved in a more sensible way. For example when you load an ilbm-data then save it, the original name appears automatically.
  • All the animation data is loaded with the corresponding picture.

OrtEditor (AreaEditor) Version 1.11
  • The small buffer caused a crash: fixed.
(ps) (Translation: dm)

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