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Cyborg (ANF)

New IRC client: BenderIRC version 1.4
The new IRC client BenderIRC is here. Full of functions and possibilities and totally different to all IRC clients so far for the Amiga. From CTCP to XDCC is everything here. Even the DCC SEND problem from the locale network with IP-NAT has been solved.

What makes BenderIRC now so special? Well, the complete GUI can be set up as the user wants it. Whether gadgets are there or not, it doesn't matter! Their size? That doesn't matter, too! Build your own IRC client!

And what completes this all? The client has a built in BOT function. Remote access to your computer, of course password secured ;-). Integrated translation engine for German <-> English that can be used within the channel!

And all those who need even more will love the plugin system of BenderIRC! Example: if the sentence "News on - people, read it immediately" appears the website pops up in no matter of time :-).

As the client was earlier finished than the Denic creating the domain here's the direct link to the download site or you wait until the program is on Aminet.


Cyborg (ps) (Translation: wk)

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