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Programming language: PowerD V0.19 alpha 6
On 13 April 2002 Martin Kuchinka released version 0.19 alpha 6 of the programming language 'PowerD'. This version contains some bugfixes and some new features. Compared to the previous release the following changes were made:

  • You can replace (not only) powerd.lib functions just by defining them
  • fixed length arg in RealStr() function
  • fixed EStrCopy(), EStringF() functions
  • improved support of OOP4A project
  • You are allowed to use directly: var.func(args) instead of domethode(var,'func',args)
  • added ppc functions: EStringF(), RealStr(), RealEStr()
  • added/fixed all the quoted-expression functions: Eval(), MapList(), ForAll(), Exists(), SelectList() 68k only!!!, ppc knows currently only Eval()
  • bugfixes reported by Marco Antoniazzi
    • IF (~x) compiled wrong
    • IF (a) AND ~(b) compiled wrong
    • NOR and NAND keywords do now work
    • added '#include' preprocessor keyword
    • fixed assembler error when EXCEPTDO without Raise() occured
  • bugfixes reported by Kai Wolf
    • fixed a bug of too many args...
  • bugfixes reported by Michel Bagmeijer
    • Rem() isn't supported anymore
    • DC can now compile also data only sources without any procedures
    • added syntax error when 'CASE something:' used. (if the colon is used)
  • bugfixes reported by Nemeth Miklos
    • added a warning when assigning a value to an array (not item of array)

This release is a very early Alpha version. If you have any ideas or suggestions or if you discover any bugs, just e-mail

The compiler runs from AmigaOS V3.0, CPU 68ec020, 4MB RAM and 3-4 MB empty space on the hard disc. The compiler doesn't need FPU. But the created programs need a FPU if they use floats. The PPC binaries run via the powerpc.library.

Apart from the compiler 'phxass' and 'phxlnk' are needed to create 68k as well as 'pasm' and 'vlink' to create a PPC code. These programs can be found on the homepage of Frank Wille.

Download: alpha.lzx (220K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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