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Cyborg (ANF)

IRC: BenderIRC V1.4b
Cyborg writes:
After a tough weekend almost all smaller bugs and bigger requests have now been included.

Denic has made it in time and therefore you can now get to the new version direct via

Download as usual at

And by the way, TAB is included :-)))

Once again I'd like to thank all those who put up with the quickfixing in #AmigaFUN yesterday and today.

But it might be a good idea to read the docs beforehand! :-)

I'd like to call on all IRC chatters to write plug ins or at least to send out good ideas for new and useful plug ins.

For example there are:
  • Language editions of channel events and statements.
  • DCC CHAT support (comes from me)
  • LogWriter
  • ElizaBOT
  • Channelsecurity
  • FileServer
  • XDCC Server etc.

Download: BenderIRC1.4b.lha (118K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sr)

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