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Martin Merz (ANF)

Icons: MasonIcons - muiMI, AmiSDMI, EZPagerMI, strICQMI
The following new archives are available on the MasonIcons homepage:

muiMI (2nd release)
  • images for MUI 3.8 (based on VisualMI)
  • colour bug is fixed now
  • additional tapedeck images
AmiSDMI (1st release)
  • images and icons for AmiShutDown
  • German version only
EZPagerMI (3rd release)
  • GlowIcons toolbar and service images for EZPagerNG
  • toolbar image based on AppMI
  • new service image in GlowIcons design
strICQMI (1st release)
  • image set for strICQ ReAction GUI in the GlowIcons design
Visit Mason.Home for further informations and previews. (sd)

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