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NetBSD 1.6 published in September 2002 already
On September the 14th 2002 version 1.6 of NetBSD/amiga has been published already.

Ports of NetBSD, a fully functional and UNIX style operating system, which was developed at the University of California Berkeley and is open source, is for nearly every system available.

NetBSD is a complete system. Additionally to an easy portable and high efficient kernel, NetBSD contains a full set of utilities, compiler for several languages the X window system, a firewall software and other different tools, which all come including the sources. NetBSD supports software of other authors (e.g. the desktop systems KDH and gnome) by using the packages collection.

Further information is to find at the official announcement of NetBSD 1.6.

Those who like to install NetBSD may have a look to the installation manual.

Download by FTP (ps) (Translation: ub)

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