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Charlene/VHT (E-Mail)

Anti-Virus Software: xvs.library Version 33.41
Georg Hörmann released an update to version 33.41 of the xvs.library. You may download the library from the website of the Virus Help Team and soon from Aminet as well.

Program Name: Xvs.library v33.41
Programmer: Georg Hörmann
Release Date: 15th of January, 2004
Archive Name: xvslibrary.lha
Archive Size: 93,522 Bytes

Change in v33.41:
  • Added AmigaE/libraries/xvs.m developer file. Thanks must go to Ronald van Dijk for this contribution.
  • Once again rewritten taskscanner in xvsSurveyMemory() to avoid Disable()s lasting longer than 250µs. Thanks to Christian again for reporting the problems with his FastEthernet card.
  • Fixed bootblock recognition of "GXTeam" bootvirus to avoid false alarms. Thanks to Ronald van Dijk for the example file.
  • Fixed problem in xvsCheckFile() that caused Enforcer hits under certain conditions with damaged executables. Thanks again for the example files to Ronald van Dijk.
  • Added "ASS Protector 1.0" bootvirus clone and its installer and modified recognition for the original virus. Fixed recognition of "Liberator 1.21" filevirus to avoid false alarms. Thanks once more to Ronald van Dijk for the report and example files.
(nba) (Translation: dm)

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