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11.Feb.2004 (Website)

"Momentum Computer" announces a PPC970 motherboard
"Momentum Computer" offers the "970 Evaluation Platform" by the title link. A motherboard for up to two PPC processors of the PPC970 series with the following specifications:
  • Full Size ATX Form-factor.
  • Dual IBM PowerPC 970 Processors.
  • PowerPC 970 NorthBridge.
    • Two point-to-point PowerPC interfaces, running at up to 1GHz.
    • AGP 8X Interface.
    • HyperTransport interface, running at up to 1.2GHz.
    • DDR SDRAM memory controller, dual channel (128-bits + ECC), up to 16GigaBytes of SDRAM supported. Special MUX feature uses only one pair of DIMMs at a time.
  • PLX HT7520 HyperTransport tunnel, with two PCI-X interfaces, each capable of running at 133MHz.
    • One PCI-X interface is hooked up to two 64-bit PCI connectors.
    • The other PCI-X interface is hooked directly to an Intel 82546ER Dual Gigabit Ethernet device.
  • AMD8111 SouthBridge.
    • ATA133 capable EIDE interfaces (Master/Slave).
    • USB interface with 2 ports presented.
    • 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet interface.
    • Standard Power Management.
    • PCI 32-bit @ 33MHz Interface.
  • SMSC LPC47M260 Super I/O Device.
    • Connects to SouthBridge through LPC bus.
    • Flash Interface.
    • Fan Controller Interface.
  • PowerPC 405EP Processor.
    • Acts as Service/Management Processor for 970 processor(s).
    • Flash Interface.
    • Independent memory sub-system (32-bit SDRAM).
    • 10/100 BASE-T Interface.
  • On-Board M-Systems Flash Disk (no moving parts, for diskless applications).
  • Service Processor manages 970's through I2C interface.

Currently two difrent versions are offered. The prices are 4500 and 6000 USD. (cg) (Translation: ub)

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