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19.Mar.2004 editorial office Voluntary registration in comment-area (Update)
At the beginning of March Sven Drieling has extended the comment-script for a voluntary registration with access data. But with some browsers this login did not work. The new script should now work with all browsers but sometimes only if you accept cookies.

  • BUGFIX: If cookies are accepted the login could work with all browsers.

    Without cookies it does not work with all browsers: (Robin, mk, Sprocki, Wizek, tokai, Thilo Köhler, Gojira, TriMa, noch ein test, schluckebier)

    Site-effect if you do not logout:
    It can now happens that if you have not logged out during the next visit the login-requester appears continously. In this case:
    • Successfully login over the login-requester
    • Or delete the cookie 'cookie_comLogin' manually with the help of the cookie-management of the browser.

  • BUGFIX: Saving the preferences in the cookies should now work. (Chris Hodges, Holger and other)
  • CHANGE: Whole Nick/Name is displayed in thick font. (AP)
  • NEW: Login-Info is displayed in the survey. (Holger)
(ps) (Translation: dr)

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