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Carsten Siegner (ANF)

Multi-ADC (Analog Digital Changer) for Amiga, Pegasos and Amithlon
Here is an electronic diagram and a small test program for my six channel multi analog digital changer (download, 87 KB).

Characteristics of the ADC chip:
  • Six measuring channels
  • Programmable for unipolar (from 0V to +5V) and bipolar (-5V to +5V) measurements per channel
  • Programmable reversal of the measurement polarity (only with bipolar)
  • 12 bits resolution per channel
  • programmable stand-by mode of the ADC
The following must be installed:
  • rexxtricks
  • tritonrexx
  • triton.library
  • rexxserdev
The following ENV variables should be inserted in the "ENVARC:" designation:
  • Analog-device = serial device
  • Analog-unit = serial unit
  • Analog-Volt = maximal voltage reachable at the measurement entrances (normally "5")
The hardware (MultiADC) is fixed to a data rate of 15000 baud. If this data rate is changed on the computer there won't be any correct transfer of information.

The passive building elements (condensers and resistors) must be built exactly in accordance with the instructions. Deviating values in Ohms or Farad lead to an incorrect function of the MultiADCs.

All building elements are in CMOS technology. So one must wear an anti-static armband so as not to disturb the connection pins. Through this one is able to make it reliable.

With one's own, self-provided program one must pay attention to the programming of the chip LTC1293, since this deviates with the available hardware something from the data in the PDF document from this chip.

For a logical 1 at the data entrance of the LTC1293 chip one programs in ARexx "call serwrite(ser,'11111111'B,1)" and for a logical 0 it would be "call serwrite(ser,'00000000'B,1)." (snx) (Translation: dm)

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