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Aminet back online, volunteers needed
To compensate the breakdown of, a new Aminet main server has been established which can be reached at or Aminet now uses a completely new web interface written by Nicolas Mendoza, originally implemented for As most of the internal scripts as well as the new web interface had to be adapted or have been rewritten from scratch, there still might be some rough edges, smaller bugs or dead links left - but Aminet is working again and uploads are getting processed.

Please note that currently only the main server is working properly, mirrors are not being updated yet and uploads at mirror sites are ignored. This will be addressed later on - for now please stick to the URLs given above to access Aminet. If you want to upload to Aminet, use your favourite FTP client to connect to and upload to the "new" directory as outlined in Aminet's help files.

Urban Mueller, founder and main administrator of Aminet, is going to retire as soon as the new infrastructure is in place. He will be hosting the main server but will no longer be part of the administration team. The exact details of Aminet's future administration structure are not decided yet, but is currently assembling a new team that will be responsible for Aminet in the future.

Volunteers wanted

We are searching for one or two volunteers that could assist us in moderating uploads. An upload moderator should meet the following requirements:
  • Basic knowledge about Unix shells (moving, deleting, renaming files)
  • Broadband Internet access
  • English speaker

If you fullfill these requirements and would like to become a part of the new Aminet team, please contact us at (cg)

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