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Genesi (e-mail)

Genesi: Request to developers for the Open Desktop Workstation
Under the title link, Genesi has published the following request to the developers who are working on software for the Pegasos-based Open Desktop Workstation. The company explicitely wants also MorphOS projects to be registered.

"Please read the latest Genesi Press Release and watch the new PegasosPPC/ODW presentation animation.

Most importantly, please update your PPCZone Project entries (if you received your ODW and somehow did not get an account yet please contact

Partners and potential partners are logging in to see the latest updates and entries.

With the advent of the initiative in China, Genesi will be seeking to support/develop additional national centers. Discussions involving a second facility in India and a third to support Central and South America are already underway. Your PPCZone Project entries are a meaningful way for you to present your developments to Genesi Partners and Customers. Please keep them updated!

The first round of Pilot Projects are drawing to successful conclusions. In the implementation phase of the various initiatives developer support on a full time and part time basis will be required. Having your PPCZone Project entry up to date indicating your availablity, resume and activity/projects will further your opportunity around the PegasosPPC and the ODW.

With the Avalanche Desktop Reference Project extending from Debian to soon also include Gentoo, OpenSolaris and a new MySQL Initiative, the announcement of the Freescale and China's Ministry of Information Industry (MII) National Linux Systems Development Lab, the soon-to-be officially confirmed Genesi/MIT Open Course Ware satellite Internet delivery pilot, ConnectEE, and finally the new Mobile MorphOS effort, the potential for PegasosPPC/ODW related consulting and employment opportunities are growing. Please get your PPCZone Project pages updated!

For information concerning your account or to establish an account please contact the webmaster. Thanks!" (snx)

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