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Amiga-Magazin merges with the AMIGAplus
Subscribers of the AMIGAplus will receive the "Amiga-Magazin mit AMIGAplus", the Amiga-CD and additionally to that the a free copy of the PCgo CD by mail during the next days..

The publisher falkemedia was not able to ensure a longer independent future of the AMIGAplus as a stand alone magazine, but this merge teh readers benefit in several ways: Beside high quality Amiga articles, which are still supported by the AMIGAplus editors, teh subscribers also receive a first class computer magazine which supplies important tests, basic articles and high quality software CDs - valuables, precious for both, Amiga and PC users. Not without any reason the WEKA computer magazine publishing house supports the Amiga-Magazin since 1987 and still delivers this magazine combination to thousands of Amiga fans.

Was a subscription for the AMIGAplus (with two monthly CD) alone 81,30 Euro each year, the fee for the "Amiga-Magazin mit AMIGAplus", a high qualitly two monthly Amiga software CD as well as 12 issues of the PCgo (including cover CD) a year is now reduced to 54,90 Euro a year.

By this merge of the both magazines the number of readers could be increased to a volume which ensures the publication throughout the next years - the 20 year anniversary of the Amiga-Magazin will not be missed by the publishers! Already paid ammounts will fully counted to the subscription.

For questions regarding the subscription or the content of the "Amiga-Magazins mit AMIGAplus" please contact the publisher or the editors at the WEKA. The contact data is available at the masthead inside the magazine or online .

The team of the AMIGAplus supports the editors of the Amiga Magazins and continues with the competent news team to deliver latest news to the Amiga-Community at (nba) (Translation: ub)

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