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Freescale Technology Forum: "Best of show" awarded to Genesi
At the Freescale Technology Forum Orlando, Florida Genesi was awared as the "Best of show".

The award is for Genesi's Home Media Center (screen shot) which is based on the PegasosPPC and open source software.

Among the jury there were media representives from CMP United Business Medias CommsDesign an EE Times online community, Penton Medias Electronic Design magazine and the online publication analogZONE. Criterions were technological merit, market impact, usability and the "cool factor".

Photo gallery: page 1, page 2

Update: (20:04, 23.06.05, snx)
Meanwhile there's also a video of the keynote speech by Freescale's CEO Michel Mayer, which also includes the "Best of show" ceremony (starting 1:18:10).

Update 2: (16:32, 24.06.05, snx)
Press release by Genesi with details about the MythTV-based Media Center and further photos of the MPC5200 board EFIKA. (snx) (Translation: ub)

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