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05.Nov.2005 (website)

WinUAE: Games frontend Lemonade 0.9.8 public beta
Lemon Amiga has released a public beta of Lemonade, a new Windows based frontend for WinUAE. Lemonade allows both newcomers and veterans of Amiga emulation to play games more comfortable than ever before - no more setting up configurations, each game is pre-configured.

Lemonade's main features include:
  • Games Encyclopedia - Play games at the click of a button, save high scores, view game notes and cheats and more.
  • Games Scanner - Scans your Amiga collection for any recognised game files and automatically add them to the encyclopedia.
  • Easy to setup and use - Everything is designed to be as comfortable to use as possible.
  • Pre-written configurations for Amiga 500, 600, 1200 and CD32 models.
  • Custom configuration manager - Import your own WinUAE configurations.
  • Emulator Quickstart - Start anything in WinUAE in seconds.

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