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MorphZone (Download-area)

MorphOS: ezTCP 0.12 released
Pavel 'Sonic' Fedin released the Alphaversion 0.12 of the PPC-nativen TCP/IP-Stacks ezTCP. For compatible reasons is a excange of the miami.library included - further is for the next versions a implementation of the Miami-Panel-API intended.

  • IP-Fragmentationssourcecodes replaced with a new sourcecode of BSD-Version 4.4
  • Replacement of miami.library added - now is the compatibility to TCP/IP-Stack Miami official given, but not all functions are supported; please inform the author if programs are not working and the message "Function not implemented" is shown at Syslog
  • Graphical Syslog-viewer ezSysLog as replacement for the Syslog-CLI-window
  • Improved Startnet-Skript
Known Problems:
  • Crash from ezTCP, if it will be stop with running Syslog-viewer.
  • The Button "Log level" from Syslog-viewer is without no effected
The Alphaversion 0.12 needs incase of the major changes more tests. The implemention of DHCP is in according to a estimation of the author to 70% finished. The workprogress at the configurationeditor is started now.

In case of problems with ezTCP and third party programs inform the author or ask at the MorphZone Forum Thread. (snx) (Translation: aj)

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