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Jan Zahurancik (ANF)

WinUAE: Update package 1.02 for AmiKit
A v1.0.2 update package is available for AmiKit 1.0 (or 1.01). Besides new and updated software it does also include a configuration for Directory Opus 4. The package does also contain the previous 1.01 update.

  • ADDED: excellent DirOpus4 configuration created for AmiKit by Pavel Pok
  • ADDED: GMPlay 1.3 + GMPlayMUI 1.2 + gmtones + MidiFiles
  • ADDED: XPK packing options to DirOpus5 User Menu
  • UPDATED: FlashPlayer 1.2
  • UPDATED: MCC_TextEditor 15.17
  • UPDATED: MMKeyboard enabled by default. Adjust your PC keyboard to your needs by AmiKit:Utilities/EXPANSION/MMKeyboard/MMKeyboard
  • UPDATED: AmiKit.exe warns you if the name of your Win partition is in conflict with AmiKit
  • UPDATED: handling of DirOpus5 XPK and XFD filetypes
  • FIXED: bad recognizing of DirOpus5 Sound Module filetype
Troubleshooting: It might happen that IPrefs crashes during the boot process (behind the bootpicture so this picture never disappears). In that case just reset AmiKit and try to boot again.

Download page (snx)

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