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ANN (Webseite)

MorphOS: CDPlayer 2
The new version of "CD Player" (Screenshot) written by Ilkka Lehtorantas now also supports CDDB and CDDA-streams via AHI. These are further features of the program which can more than only playing CDs:

CD Player 2.0
  • Can read track names from the CD (CDText) or FreeDB (CDDB)
  • Random play
  • Play via AHI
  • ARexx-Port
  • Waveform analyser (when playing via AHI)
  • Visual plugins of AmigaAMP are supported (only for AHI)
  • DSP-plugins of AmiNetRadio are supported (only for AHI)
  • Simple, clear User-Interface
  • Different GUI-elements can be chosen

CDDA Ripper 1.1
  • Extracts audio-data from a CD
  • Can read track names from the CD (CDText)

BlankCD 2.0
  • Deletes CDRWs, just like the "Blank CD" function of MakeCD

Eject 2.0
  • Opens and closes the CD-/DVD-drive

SetCDSpeed 2.0
  • Sets the speed of the CD-/DVD-drive
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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