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17.Apr.2006 (Webside)

Amiforce to age five years, new Amiblitz-Distribution
The Amiga-Portal Amiforce celebrates his fifth birthday today. Due to the celebration a new distribution of the basic-compiler Amiblitz and "Temptonic - Ultraviolent trance mix" is available.

Amiblitz 2.44

A actual distribution of Amiblitz2 is available for downloading. This new version introduce several basically changes, this will be specified by the documentation. Amiforce wish to thanks by Bernd Rösch, he makes it possible to release this distribution desite the lack of time.

Temptronic - Ultraviolent trance mix

Temptronic is a Trancemix which is not finished yet. The actual Version has now a tracklength of 17:33 Minutes.


The Amiforce-Team wish thanks to Marco 'Blackbird' Möring, Bernd Rösch and Thilo Köhler as well as all registered Members and visitors of Amiforce. (cg) (Translation: aj)

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