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Aminet-Uploads til 23.04.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
pointriderui.lha           biz/misc     33K  OS4  GUI for PointRider OS4 version.
AmiDiction.lha             comm/tcp     39K  OS3  Online Dictionary
MCC_NewstringSP.lha        dev/mui       5K  GEN  MCC Newstring 1.0 spanish catalog v1.0.0
filex-2.4-os4.lha          disk/moni   303K  OS4  FileX - the HEX-Editor
TwinVNC0.7beta.txt         docs/anno     0K  GEN  VNC Client for 68k, OS4 and MorphOS (RTG
AMIthlon_setup2.lha        docs/help   4.6M  GEN  How to setup AMIthlon with Windows XP.    game/actio  936K  ARO  Bugsquish (binary + source)  game/actio  1.5M  ARO  Circuslinux (binary + source)    game/actio  2.7M  ARO  Madbomber      game/jump   329K  ARO  SDL Scavenger A Lode Runner like game            game/jump   295K  GEN  SDL Scavenger A Lode Runner like game     game/misc   1.0M  ARO  GemDropX (binary + source)
scummvm-frak.lha           game/misc   2.7M  OS4  Point-and-Click adventure interpreter
wormux.lha                 game/misc    20M  OS4  Wormux - A Worms Clone
gse.lha                    game/patch   17K  OS3  Editor for Gunship2000 roster files   game/shoot  2.4M  ARO  Defendguin (binary + source)   game/shoot  590K  ARO  Vectoroids (binary + source)   game/think  1.6M  ARO  SDL game InterLOGIC         game/think  1.4M  GEN  SDL game InterLOGIC (Source)
dvplayer-demo.lha          gfx/show    575K  OS4  Video Player with skinnable GUI
TestGear7.lha              hard/hack   146K  OS3  Data-Logger and Transient-Recorder.
FrodoMOS.lha               misc/emu    544K  MOS  C64 emulator for MorphOS
FrodoSrc.lha               misc/emu    1.0M  GEN  C64 emulator for MorphOS - sources
gbe-mos.lha                misc/emu    132K  MOS  Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator   misc/math   155K  ARO  Computer Algebra System Mathomatic         misc/math   419K  GEN  Computer Algebra System Mathomatic        misc/sci     30K  ARO  A classic AI therapist
SimpleSamples.lha          mus/play     43K  OS3  Little musical toy for all the AMIGAs
tunenet.lha                mus/play    514K  OS4  Music Player (Shoutcast, MP3, PT, AIFF, 
BigHouseOfFloppyDisks.jpg  pix/misc     60K  GEN  Big house of floppy discs
InfoWin.lha                util/cli     36K  VAR  Small borderless message window for batc
SteBaseConv.lha            util/conv    46K  OS3  Numeric base converter for any language
OS39_update_patches2.lha   util/sys     34K  OS3  Fix/update for workbench.libary 45.130
mediarequestor.lha         util/wb      15K  GEN  MediaRequestor
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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