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Tomasz Wiszkowski (e-mail)

Burning software: Frying Pan 0.41
Tomasz Wiszkowski has released version 0.41 of his CD- and DVD-burning program Frying Pan. Besides bugfixes especially of the GUI, among other changes the detection of mp3 files has been improved.

The changes in detail:
  • Content page progress bar displays proper values now
  • Progress bars start from valid positions when appending already written disc
  • Overall progress bar displays valid information when burning multiple tracks in TAO
  • Install script utilizes xad/lha/lzx whichever is found first
  • In_MP3.module has been updated and features checking (accepts only MPEG1 LAYER3 44kHz Stereo)
  • Multiselection of data/audio tracks is now allowed; filetype for multiple tracks can be changed at once, multiple tracks can be removed in a single click, et cetera
  • Removed scroll bar from settings and hardware settings panels
  • Write method is now recorded
  • Empty ISO images are ignored from now on
  • Added text object displaying amount of data to be written to disc
  • Write speeds are properly remembered now
Frying Pan requires MUI and its additional classes NList, NListview and NListtree.mcc as well as AHI. On the program's homepage there is also a listing of successfully tested drives.

Download: FryingPan.lha (817 KB) (snx)

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