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23.Apr.2007 Uploads until 22.04.2007
Uploads on since our last report:
bmp2penmap.lha     dev/uti   74kb  BMP to penmap converter
png2c.lha          dev/uti   60kb  Convert PNG images into C source
sfontmkr.lha       dev/uti  287kb  make PNG fonts w/ alpha channel for use 
cwfloppy.lha       dri/sto  206kb  Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
wesnoth-exe.lha    gam/str    7Mb  Updated Wesnoth executables
wesnoth.lha        gam/str   62Mb  Battle for Wesnoth (stable version)
image2icon.lha     gra/con   99kb  Creates thumbnail icons from images
abiword-src.lha    off/wor    3Mb  Sources of AbiWord 2.5.1, osb-browser an
abiword.lha        off/wor   41Mb  AbiWord 2.5.1 + osb-browser for AmigaOS 
uboot-mkimage.lha  uti/arc   50kb  mkimage for uboot
popurl.lha         uti/she    7kb  Small OS4 equivalent of OpenURL shell co
(cg) (Translation: aj)

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