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Christian Rosentreter (ANF)

MorphOS: Shuffle 1.7
Shuffle is a MorphOS implementation of the famous Sliding Block Puzzle, often also known as 15 Puzzle.

The update of Shuffle is available for all registered users. The update adds new functions and fixes a few smaller issues. Registered users can download the archive from the Shuffle Download Area.

Fixes and new features since Shuffle 1.5:
  • Stars are properly counted now ('Level available' and 'Level solved' stars were ignored in previous release)
  • Added a workaround for MorphOS 1.4 intuition window title bug (thx to antibike for finding it and help with testing)
  • Fixed menu shortcuts in main window
  • Added keyboard control. Use Cursor keys to move tiles, use Shift+ Cursor keys to move multiple tiles and Enter for activation (thx to henes for suggestion)
  • Added a symbol to select levels randomly to 'Levels' window
  • Added an option to sort levels according to various attributes to 'Levels' window (thanks to roschmyr for suggestion)
  • Added a bubble help to game progress gauge in 'Statistics' window to show current number of stars
  • Added replay mode (thx to Geit for suggestion)
  • Reworked graphics of various levels to reduce similiar or almost identical tiles
  • Decreased difficulty to get stars for 'Slide record' a bit
  • Various smaller improvements, fixes and cosmetics
To learn more about Shuffle visit its homepage at the title link. There is also a new video on YouTube available, which demonstrates the new replay feature. (snx)

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