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08.Apr.2008 Uploads until 07.04.2008
These are the latest uploads to which have been added since our last message:
freesci-src.lha   gam/adv    1Mb  FreeSCI source
sudokusolver.lha  gam/uti    5kb  Sudoku solver with source
aissview.lha      gra/ais   73kb  Viewer for AISS
pnger.lha         gra/edi  237kb  Low-level PNG editor (TweakPNG clone)
openssh-bin.lha   net/mis    1Mb  OpenSSH secure connectivity tools
text2png.lha      uti/mis    2Mb  A program for converting text to a PNG i
yae.lha           uti/mis   18kb  Yet Another Eval
(cg) (Translation: dr)

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