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Amiga Arena (ANF)

Amiga Arena: Full version "Sixth Sense Investigations" (Update)
Press release: "Sixth Sense Investigations" was started in 1995 but was first published in 1998. Colourful comic graphics, funny dialogs and a crazy story, can there be more for a adventure fan?

With permission of the developers Amiga Arena makes this legal download of the disk version of "Sixth Sense Investigations" possible. Currently we only can offer the English version as HDF-file for WinUAE. Therefore we are looking for further disk versions of Sixth Sense Ivestigations.

Additionally the following games were added in the section "Adventure":
  • OnEscapee - Original CD Version
  • Beneath A Steel Sky - CD Version with voice output
  • Fatal Heritage - WHDLoad Version
Update: (20:41, 20.08.08, snx)
Meanwhile also the german version is available as an HDF file. Still wanted is the floppy disk version. (cg) (Translation: dr)

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