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Amiga Impact (website)

AmigaOS 4 / MorphOS: Driver and MUI software for Sweex 100K USB webcams
Mathias 'Corto' Parnaudeau, also known for Pointrider and the latest Songplayer versions, has written a new USB webcam driver for AmigaOS 4 (Sirion) and MorphOS (Poseidon). It displays the images using SDL or MUI and has been tested on Linux too (SDL frontend only).

The driver has been developed and tested with the webcam Sweex 100K, which is based on the sn9c10x chipset [VendorID = 0x0c45, ProductID = 0x6005 (tas5110c1b) bzw. 0x6009 (pas106b)].

  • Images are saved to ram:sonix_capture.jpg only
  • Sources need to be cleaned up but will be provided in the next version
  • Components (red, green, blue) cannot be changed (no effect)
Download: sonix.lha (151 KB) (snx)

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