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07.May.2011 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4.1 for PowerUp-Amigas soon available (Update)
According to Hyperion Entertainment under the title link, all components for the version of AmigaOS-4.1 for Amigas with BlizzardPPC or CyberstormPPC accelerator boards have been finished and will be available soon.

Features which are not included in AmigaOS 4.0:
  • Intelligent Installer for PCI / Zorro with automatic AGA-Fallback support
  • New classic styled Bootlogo and Backdrops
  • Improved bootloader with large table MMU support
  • Updated kernel offering increased stability in low memory conditions
  • Support for virtual memory via harddisk paging
  • ZororRAM and DKB 3128 support as memory pagers
  • Improved (future proof) Mediator support with Radeon 9200 and 9250 using up to 256MB of video memory (correct voltage graphics card required)
  • Support for PCI sound card (ESS SOLO-1 based cards)
  • Warp3D hardware acceleration support for Radeon, Voodoo 3/4/5 and Cybervision / Blizzardvision PPC (stable beta version for Permedia2-based cards)
  • DDC automatic monitor detection for Radeon and Voodoo 3
  • Hardware compositing engine (Radeon only) with software fall-back
  • Native FastATA driver support
Update: (17:20, 08.05.11, snx)
According to a message from british dealer AmigaKit, who has been instrumental in funding the PowerUp version of the operating system, they will start advertising the update in their webstore in about nine days. Meanwhile they are inviting further Amiga dealers to order AmigaOS 4.1 for Commodore Amiga computers from AmigaKit. (snx) (Translation: dr)

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