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Aminet-Uploads until 13.02.2016
The following archives have been added to Aminet until February 13th, 2016:
AmiVNC4.lha              comm/tcp   160K  OS4 Experimental VNC server w/ sr...
GoogleDrive_handler_O... comm/tcp   1.1M  OS4 Google Drive handler for OS4
dkd-twce.lha             demo/40k   38K   68k Twice by Dekadence
Minimig.lha              demo/intro 38K   68k Minimig demo       dev/src    1K        Embed a C program inside UNIX...
Koules.lha               game/actio 238K  68k Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
Koules_OS4.lha           game/actio 228K  OS4 Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
KoulesMOS.lha            game/actio 235K  MOS Port of Linux+OS/2 arcade game
Chain_Gang.lha           game/wb    42K   68k Make some chains!
webptools050_a68k.lha    gfx/conv   2.8M  68k encode/decode images in WebP ...
webptools050_aros.lha    gfx/conv   5.3M  x86 encode/decode images in WebP ...
PCxSP.lha                misc/emu   13K       PCx Spanish Docs
DeliTrackerSP.lha        mus/play   31K       DeliTracker Spanish Docs
Redit.lha                text/edit  49K   68k Text editor
EvenMore.lha             text/show  337K  68k V0.88: Freeware Textviewer
EvenMore_MOS.lha         text/show  416K  MOS V0.88: Freeware Textviewer (M...
EvenMore_OS4.lha         text/show  415K  OS4 V0.88: Freeware Textviewer (OS4)
EvenMoreSP.lha           text/show  4K        EvenMore v0.88 spanish catalog
FBlitGuideES.lha         util/boot  24K       Spanish translation of FBlit....
exutil_68k.lha           util/wb    1.2M  68k Batch renames picture files b...
exutil_AROS.lha          util/wb    1.3M  x86 Batch renames picture files b...
exutil_MorphOS.lha       util/wb    1.2M  MOS Batch renames picture files b...
exutil_OS4.lha           util/wb    1.6M  OS4 Batch renames picture files b...
(snx) (Translation: dr)

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