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Ignatios Souvatzis via eMail

As reported before NetBSD 1.5 is available for download. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Bob Scharp

Amiga 2001 - Website online
We already have several exhibitors listed in this first listing of our web pages. More will be added each week. Be sure to keep posted on this the biggest Amiga show in the Americas.

St. Louis is centrally located in the heart of the U.S., and is served by several airlines, including TWA, which has a hub here. Check the web page for the phone number of our official travel agency, Best Way Travel. They can help you get your travel arrangements made to attend the show.

Amiga2001 - an Amiga Odyssey, will be hosted at the Sheraton West Port Hotel, located in St. Louis, MO. The hotel is physically located in the city of Maryland Heights at:

Sheraton West Port Hotel
900 West Port Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63146

For reservations contact them at 314-878-1500 and ask for the reservation desk. Reservations is open from 8 AM until 10:30 PM CST. Be certain to tell them that you are attending the Amiga2001 show, so that you get the special rates. Stay at the Sheraton West Port, get special rates, and help the show. The Sheraton has 17 Restaurants, 6 Bistros, a Comedy Night Club, a two screen Cinema, the West Port Playhouse, and several snack shops, magazine shop and speciality shops all available and within a one to five minute walk. Convenient undercover parking for guest as well.

While your viewing the web page, be certain to send in your money for tickets to attend and tickets for the Amiga2001 Banquet to be held Saturday evening. The show is Friday, March 30 thru Sunday April 1st, 2001. Friday is the Developers Conference with classes and the vendor setup Friday evening. Saturday and Sunday are the exhibit floor displays with lots of exhibitors showing off their latest Amiga products and offering good prices to boot. Classes are also available on Saturday and Sunday for those not quite up to the more challenging ones on Friday.

Check out the Amiga2001 web pages and come enjoy the show and say happy retirement to Petro Tyschtschenko, who will retire while at the show on Saturday, March 31. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Met@box introducing Set-Top Boxes
In time for start of production Met@box AG today introduced to the public their new generation of set-top boxes. The modular built met@box 1000, which can be connected to any TV-set, enables interactive TV watching, and by the integrated digital TV-standard (DVB) is capable of the future TV broadcasting standard. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Petra Struck

Nursery School ?
As I learned the IRC conferences organized by UGN and conducted by the Amiga-Club didn't went off as without a hitch as I said in my show report. Script-kiddies didn't have better things to do as to flood the channel with multilating scripts, so some of the panned IRC conferences had be interrupted or could not take place, at all. UGN was already thinking of never again to organize conferences from shows.

To people not able to attend a show the IRC conferences always were an appreciated possibility to get actual information, and most of all the only opportunity to address their questions directly to the VIP's of the branch.

Therefore I appeal to the scrip-kiddies to grow up at last and to stop their nursery school behavior. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Alfred Sturm

New Aminet Uploads
StarBase_CLI.lha     biz/dbase  104K+Star Trek Episodes Database (v3.8)
TProspEd2.lha        biz/demo    81K+V2.0.0alpha Form Editor For TurboFat2 (I
AW20-francais.lha    biz/haage   14K+AmigaWriter 2.0 - Francais (french) loca
tf02.lha             comm/net   255K+TinyFugue MUCK client for Amigas.
AmftpSp.lha          comm/www   188K+Amftp sound Spanish
AmsterSP.lha         comm/www   206K+Spanish sounds for Amster.
AmsterSpF.lha        comm/www   367K+Spanish sound female for amster
streamer.lha         comm/www    23K+Internet radio - Shoutcast player
ltp4_demodisk.dms    demo/disk  464K+XMFC - Lucky&Tigrou Party 4 Megademo
BlitzLstMar00.lha    dev/basic  211K+Blitz mailing list archives for March 20
MuForce.lha          dev/debug  265K+The V40 Enforcer, detects illegal RAM ac
MuGuardianAnge.lha   dev/debug  287K+MungWall superset, detect accesses to no
MuLink.lha           dev/misc   116K+Memory protect selected hunks of binarie
MuScan.lha           dev/misc   113K+Print the MMU tree layout.
xad_bzip2.lha        dev/src     39K+Bzip2 xadmaster client
xad_COP.lha          dev/src     11K+COP xadmaster client
xad_MakeSFX.lha      dev/src     11K+MakeSFX xadmaster client
SortCopy.lha         disk/bakup  28K+Copy or backup files,directories and lin
F1Champ.lha          docs/misc   60K+Statistics of Formula One '50-'00
MuManual.lha         docs/misc  780K+Tutorial, examples, includes, (auto)docs
WHDSupremacy.lha     game/patch  24K+HD Installer for Supremacy V1.1
WBsteroids.lha       game/wb    272K+Asteroids-clone in scaleable wb-window
GeoWorld-DemoD.lha   misc/edu   806K+GeoWorld-Demo german (12/09/2000) - Geog
App8ImU.lha          misc/emu    19K+Apple ][ disk image file utility (V0.8)
MuEVD.lha            misc/emu   123K+MuLib driven ShSh driver for ECS,AGA,P96
Afraid.lha           mods/atmos 125K+Afraid by Chris, The Highlander
Ambiance.lha         mods/atmos  69K+Ambiance by Chris, The Highlander
Ambiance_II.lha      mods/atmos  32K+Ambiance II by Chris, The Highlander
Ambiance_III.lha     mods/atmos  39K+Ambiance III by Chris, The Highlander
Apocalworld.lha      mods/atmos  63K+Apocalworld by Chris, The Highlander
Lastchance.lha       mods/atmos  65K+Lastchance by Chris, The Highlander
Life.lha             mods/atmos  80K+Life by Chris, The Highlander
MiddleOfGround.lha   mods/atmos  36K+MiddleOfGround by Chris, The Highlander
Spirituol2.lha       mods/atmos  39K+Spirituol 2 by Chris, The Highlander
Thend.lha            mods/atmos 130K+Thend by Chris, The Highlander
The_Branle.lha       mods/funet  83K+The Branle by Chris, The Highlander
HouseCore.lha        mods/house 315K+HouseCore by TailS...
Banjo_kazooie.lha    mods/med   201K+Banjo & Kazooie by Chris, The Highlander
EWJ2-Anything.lha    mods/med    60K+EWJ2-Anything But Tangerines by Chris, T
GlobalGladiato.lha   mods/med   109K+GlobalGladiator by Chris, The Highlander
Lastime.lha          mods/med    39K+Lastime by Chris, The Highlander
Mario64.lha          mods/med    44K+Mario 64 by Chris, The Highlander
MegamanX.lha         mods/med    99K+Megaman X by Chris, The Highlander
R-Type-Stage_5.lha   mods/med    21K+R-Type, Stage 5 by Chris, The Highlander
R-Type-Stage_7.lha   mods/med    25K+R-Type, Stage 7 by Chris, The Highlander
SofM-Village.lha     mods/med    37K+SofM-Village by Chris, The Highlander
Suffer.lha           mods/med   101K+Suffer by Chris, The Highlander
Tempest-Funky.lha    mods/med   170K+Tempest 2000-Funky by Chris, The Highlan
Tempest-T6-.lha      mods/med   144K+Tempest 2000 -T6- by Chris, The Highland
Zildteck.lha         mods/med    23K+Zildteck by Chris, The Highlander
DZY-tat.mpg          mods/mpg   5.5M+MP3 Tune by Dazzy of Soundforce
Pianing.lha          mods/piano  19K+Pianing by Chris, The Highlander
Viewdown.lha         mods/piano  22K+Viewdown by Chris, The Highlander
Hard.lha             mods/rock  243K+Hard by Chris, The Highlander
Hardboss.lha         mods/rock   63K+Hardboss by Chris, The Highlander
Iktys.lha            mods/rock   42K+Iktys by Chris, The Highlander
Terra.lha            mods/rock  127K+Terra by Chris, The Highlander
Acoustic.lha         mods/slow   54K+Acoustic by Chris, The Highlander
Finalgame.lha        mods/slow   36K+Finalgame by Chris, The Highlander
Sweet_Stars.lha      mods/slow  270K+Sweet Stars by Chris, The Highlander
666-alarma.lha       mods/techn 357K+666-ALARMA by Chris, The Highlander
daftpunk.lha         mods/techn 363K+Daftpunk by TailS...
Dags.lha             mods/techn 194K+Dags by Chris, The Highlander
Distruct.lha         mods/techn 277K+Distruct by Chris, The Highlander
DJ-ROM.lha           mods/techn 376K+DJ-ROM by Chris, The Highlander
dreampart.lha        mods/techn 183K+Moby - GO by TailS...
no_way_out.lha       mods/techn 317K+Hardtrance Track from Psycho/MOODS
ShortLifespend.lha   mods/techn 209K+Short Lifespend by Chris, The Highlander
Teckbeat.lha         mods/techn  49K+Teckbeat by Chris, The Highlander
Transmod.lha         mods/tranc  36K+Transmod by Chris, The Highlander
MTRS_V2.16.lha       mus/edit   194K+8 track HD-recorder + AHI  
GriGanDer.mpg        pix/3dani  3.6M+El GriGanDer
Inspector_de_H.mpg   pix/3dani  1.6M+Inspector de Hacienda
Los_Mariachis.mpg    pix/3dani  4.4M+Los Mariachis
AnimCool.lha         pix/anim   1.2M+Anim time real
DeathconBKdr01.lha   pix/back   614K+WB backdrops
OS3.9Bootpic.lha     pix/boot   165K+OS3.9 boot-picure for AGA users
kerst10.jpg          pix/misc   268K+Amiga Christmascard
sg-strip_1.lha       pix/misc    77K+[ancor] StarGround -  the new online-com
Sens_Icons.lha       pix/nicon  207K+NewIcons for Sens. Soccer + other games
Amiga_PC.lha         util/boot  109K+Make your Amiga booting like a PC
MuFastChip.lha       util/boot  111K+Chip memory cache mode fine tuning tool
MuFastRom.lha        util/boot  112K+MuLib conformal ROM to RAM remapper
MuFastZero.lha       util/boot  127K+MuLib Zero Page remapper, FastExec/Prepa
MuLockLib.lha        util/boot  105K+Lock the mmu.library in memory on startu
MuOmniSCSIPatc.lha   util/boot  110K+Make the omniscsi.device MMULib aware
MuSetCacheMode.lha   util/boot  115K+MMU tree adjustment tool for experts
ModePro.lha          util/cdity 239K+4.65 Screenmode Promotion & Public Scree
AutoCLI.lha          util/cli    18K+Auto (un)pack LHA/LZX & other things. V0
SED.lha              util/cli    14K+Amiga stream editor
MMULib.lha           util/libs  582K+Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
MuMin.lha            util/libs   52K+Minimal MuLib archive for redistribution
xpk_User.lha         util/pack  226K+V5.2a Compression package, user edition
68040Lib.lha         util/sys   290K+A MuLib aware 68040.library, 68030.libra
FastIEEE.lha         util/sys   138K+Speed up your mathieee libraries!
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Xandiy on ANF

Free Advertising Banners at Christmas special: Free advertising banners on the main page without link! (Editor's note: An advertising banner without link might be pretty useless.) Send your logo (max. 120x120) to

All of the logos sent in up to 12-23-2000 will be put on the site. The logos will appear rotatory where at this time the pictures of the WoA2000 are shown. It would have to be a pretty definite logo, cause there will be no linking! This action will start if enough logos will be there and will last until 01-06-2001 incl.. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Flash version finished of the gallery "The man as subject of art"
Well, now it is the time, at last: also the flash version today did the jump to the net. Beseide of the HTML version now the optically more extended pages, but of same content, are online. Under the title link all of the render-workes / grafix-people and artists are invited to exhibit their art works. Of course copyright will stay with the relative artis.

Subject of the pictures is "THE MAN AS SUBJECT OF ART".
We are looking forward to your contributions. So, get to your AMIGA or PC or even MAC and start creatively. Let the artists know what you think about their art work, and use our guest book to do so. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Martin Baute on ANF

Pictures from the WoA
Also the Amiga user & developers from Bielefeld (Germany) were at the show, and we even took photos with us! (Unfortunately I wasn't there myself, hence the comments to the pictures are somewhat scanty.) (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Michael Burkhardt on ANF

With Amiga to the Diploma
By this I would like to officially thank everybody who guided and supported my during my studies to become a graduate engineer for media technics. To everybody who suffered from my lack of time I would like to say thank you for your understanding.

As my final year project substantially deals with Amiga I would not withdraw it from the public. It is available for download on my homepage (German):

un-archived as pdf file(1,8 MB)
lha archived (1,2 MB)

The subject of the project is:
Conception and implementation of an automated control for a monitor-wall under technical and marketing political aspects. Automation bases on an ARexx script controlling several applications running non an Amiga 1200. For creation of software my special thanks go to:

Rico Schreckenbach
Stefan Robl
Karlheinz Marks
Stefan Steppat

To continue this project placing of some hardware for MPEG video display would be necessary. As e.g. the related module for the CD32 isn't available any more, for this new projects as like as Mediator might be addressed as a solution.

With this technic and our software an arrangement could be designed and delivered that would be unique in the event branch.

- runs stable and reliable
- optimized software
- well-priced hardware
- easy editing
- arbitrary expandable

With this the most efficient and moreover cheapest device of it's kind would be created. Well now, dear hardware developers: don't let them detain or discourage you. THANK YOU. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Rainer Benda on ANF

Think-pad without Crusoe
IBM will not bring note-books with the Crusoe processor by Transmeta to the market. On detailed reasons the company keeps silent.

The official statement from IBM said the processor would not fit to the current marketing concept. The decision not to equip think-pads with this processor is a bad blow for Transmeta. An unfavourable timing, because from November the company's shares shall be deald in Nasdaq. Senior analyser Peter Glaskowsky from Microdesign Resources assumes that IBM wouldn't like to use the processor due to the bad performance. Testings with Sony note-books would have turned out that a Crusoe processor 700MHz would not be faster than an Pentium 233MHz, Glaskowsky added. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Dirk Baeyens

AmigaOS 3.9 registration
At the title link you will find the registration form to register your copy of AmigaOS 3.9.

Supplement 16 Dec 2000
You will need SSL installed to access this page. If you don't recommend secure data transfer you might use this page for registration. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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John Chandler: Making Way In The Universe
In his new article John Chandler gives an interesting overview of the work done by Amiga in the year 2000. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Trogladite Software

Trogladite Awards - Subtotal
Every year Trogsoft gives an awards for each of the categories application, games, hardware, developer, and websites. Under the title link you will find a summary of the votes given in first week.

In category application at this time 'YAM' is ahead, 'Heretic 2' in games, 'Mediator' in hardware, 'MorphOS' and 'Hyperion' close up in development, and in websites 'Czech Amiga News' is ahead closely followed by ''.

Die you already vote? If not, would be happy about your vote for (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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AmigaGlobe WoA 2000 Report
A WoA 2000 report by AmigaGlobe. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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MorphOS: CGX Update
cgxsystem.library.elf version 42.5 was released. The library now contains SuperLayers for PPC, and some speed enhancements for MagicMenuPPC.

Download: cgxsysppc_20001210.lha - 156 KB) (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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In December again a number of things happened at AROS. Stefan Berger did a complete rewrite of the layers.library, hence it is much faster, but easier than the old one. Georg Steger contributed further files for ReqTools, and Adam Chodorowski started working on the workbench.library. Johan Alfredsson has enhanced the ReqTools file requester, and the drive requester now works. A PS/2 Mouse.HIDD was added by Michael Schulz. More details are to find under the title link. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Jorge Pino on ANF

Merlancia with new specifications for hand-held? reported about that Merlancia already put specifications for the Hurrican system (hand-held computer) as well as it's interface on their website.

Links for this: (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Christoph Meier on ANF

Golem: IBM introduced progressive technology for chip production
«The first chips with CMOS 9S technology form early 2001
IBM for the first time unifies copper wiring, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transitors, and the enhanced "low-k delectric" insulation in circuits with 0.13 mikron by their new technology named CMOS 9S.»

Further messages about this subject:
The Register: IBM reveals 10GHz, .13µ PowerPC chip tech
3DNews: IBM unwraps world's most advanced chip-making technology
ZdNet: IBM, Intel chips: Smaller and faster
Slashdot: IBMs CMOS 9S
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Rainer Benda on ANF

boeder - no salvation at sight
Some still remember this company from old Amiga days (disks, joysticks, a.m.m.). The "Computer Partner 43/00" wrote, that the company already in October made application for insolvency. Negotiations for takeover failed, so the company faces the off. At the time being the Vivanco AG only is interested in the name, but even this only if the price is right. Insolvency procedures are planned to be started between December, 15th and 20th. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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BoingWorld - WoA 2000 Report
BoingWorld has published a WoA 2000 Report. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Jens Larsson on ANF

Boingworld WoA 2000 Report published the WoA 2000 show report with some wonderful photos. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Ingo Musquinier on ANF

dynAMIte Server
We distributed a free preview of the game dynAMIte among the visitors of the WoA 2000. Normally you find the addresses of the game-servers on our support-side. Unfortunately the server is out of order at the moment.

You should use (port 6318) as the default server. This one is the official dynAMIte-server (TDSL-connection). Normally this server is available after 7 p.m. As soon as the web-server is back again you will be able to find the addresses of the other server on our support-page.

If there are any problems with the game you can discuss them with us at the IRC. We are daily available at the euIRCnet ( channel #AmigaZeux). (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Frank Fenn on ANF

TIDesigner (Addon for TealInfo Developer Kit)
For everyone who wants to be able to increase the speed of the editing of TealInfo Folios for the Palm, TIDesigner is a good help. The program is shareware.

Download: tidesigner.lha (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 11. Dec. 2000, 10:41] [Comments: 0]
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Juergen A. Theiner on ANF

Payback Preview-Update (Nightlevel)
There is a update for the Payback-Preview. This time Juergen A. Theiner put the focus on the Nightlevel. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Michael Burkhardt via eMail

WoA Pictures by IOM
IOM published some WoA pictures. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Yoris Benjamin via eMail

Realsoft 3D V4 - Press release
As mentioned in the exhibition-report, Hyperion will publish a AMIGA-version of there 'Realsoft 3D'. Here's the press release:

From: Yoris Benjamin
Subject: Realsoft 3D V4 press-release
Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000 14:32:54 +0100

Hello World !

Realsoft and Hyperion Entertainment team up to bring Realsoft 3D to the

Cologne, December 9, 2000.

Realsoft and Hyperion Entertainment have entered into an agreement to bring
Realsoft's critically acclaimed and highly advanced 3D modelling and
rendering package to the Amiga.

'Realsoft 3D' is a full featured modelling, rendering, animation and
simulation software tool. Its predecessor, Real 3D, originated on the Amiga
all these years ago and was renowned for its powerful and innovative tools.
Now the new, rewritten 'Realsoft 3D' provides even more power and introduces
dozens of exciting innovations, all accessible through a very carefully
designed, intelligent, and user-friendly interface. This new interface
adapts to the skills of the user and helps him/her to master advanced 3D
techniques with surprising ease. Realsoft 3D is designed to meet the
requirements of today's 3D artist who requires extreme performance through an
easy to use, productive user interface.

Commenting on the agreement, Realsoft's managing director Vesa Meskanen
remarked: "The success of our 3D product line started on the Amiga platform.
This opportunity to port our latest product generation back to Amiga is
therefore very welcome. The platform independent design of Realsoft 3D
together with Hyperion Entertainment's knowledge about the latest
developments of Amiga OS entails that after the initial porting work is done,
all our new software releases will include the Amiga platform without further
porting delays."

"We were extremely impressed by the feature-set of Realsoft 3D. This package
truly represents unbelievable value for money", said Ben Hermans, managing
partner of Hyperion Entertainment. "Through our activities in the field of
entertainment software, we have acquired enormous expertise in the field of
3D graphics. We were looking for a way to leverage this expertise and apply
it to other areas. Given Realsoft's Amiga background, it seemed natural to
approach them. We are very excited that we can play a role in bringing back
Real 3D's successor to the Amiga."

Realsoft 3D will be available for Amiga OS 3.x and Amiga DE in the course of
2001. Requirements and further details to be announced.

About Realsoft Graphics Oy

Realsoft Graphics Oy, a Finnish corporation founded in 1989 as Realsoft Ky,
has been pushing the cutting edge of 3D visualization for over a decade. For
more information about Realsoft Graphics and its products, visit the
company's website at

About Hyperion Entertainment VOF

Hyperion Entertainment is a privately held Belgian-German corporation
founded in April of 1999 with the stated aim of porting AAA entertainment
software to Amiga, Linux (x86/PPC) and Mac. The company has signed license
deals with industry leaders such as Activision (ATVI), Interplay (IPLY) and


Ben Yoris

Hyperion Entertainment Software
PR Manager
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Wolf Faust via eMail

ICS V2 released
After more than a year of work, the free scanner color correction ICS V2 was released. Following features have been added to V2 of ICS:
  • Now all ICS image reading and writing is done using the new IRW library
  • ICSConvert can now write JPEG, IFF, and TIFF
  • ICSConvert and ScanTarget now support 16 bit/channel image data.
  • ICSConvert can now read/write embeded ICC color and IPTC/NAA editorial information
  • Now includes tools to extract ICC and IPTC information from images (IFF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG)
  • Spanish localization added
  • ICSConvert can now be used as tool for image format conversion.
  • IRW does offer improved and localized error handling. Error requesters now offer detailed information, hints and often also a Retry function.
  • Major speed improvement for loading certain files formats. Also, memory requirement was reduced.
  • Many new small enhancements....

Download the new software from

-- Wolf Faust
Tel: +49-69-5486556
Fax: +49-69-95409598
Mobile: +49-179-6924769
(unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Olaf Koebnik via eMail

Amiga Arena special offer
Together with Helmut Hoffmann, Amiga Arena offers a special Christmas price for PhotoAlbum/Cybershow inclusive all additional modules. The price will be 35,- DM. This offer will be valid until 12-31-2000. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

[News message: 11. Dec. 2000, 02:11] [Comments: 0]
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Torsten Dudai

OS 3.9 - Presentation by Juergen Haage and Martin Steigerwald
Torsten Dudai did a report about the OS 3.9 presentation on the WoA:

Though there was "US-Amiga-News / Bill McEwen" an item of the agenda, neither Bill McEwen - who stayed in America - nor Fleecy Moss - who was at the show - were available at that time, so Juergen Haage had to stand in. In a direct dialogue with the users he tried to collect their worries and sorrows for Amiga Inc. to be able to estimate the current mood. But the discussion (due to the lack of facts on the subject AmigaDE) very soon resulted in the new OS 3.9, in which every attendant of the seminar was very interested. So, Juergen Haage was able to seamlessly led over to the following seminar.

Besides of individual problems (one elder man was especially "persistent") also much of the known subjects were addressed, as like as the condition of "50,000" sold copies of OS3.9 (Fleecy Moss), and the "license quarrel" around AmiTCP. In both cases Juergen Haage was able to quiet the devotees' minds: the number "50,000" would not be meaningful at all, because it even isn't combined with a date. Later one just would have to able to estimate if or if not OS 3.9 has been a success. For example only 40,000 (or less) sold copies already would be a big success. About the license quarrel Juergen Haage just said, "There is no license quarrel". Haage & Partner obtained the license for AmiTCP correctly and is allowed to distribute the TCP stack along with Genesis (no MUI, but Reaction GUI) on the CD-ROM.

Then together with Stefan Robl, the programmer of AmiDocks, the new OS3.9 tool-bar, (almost) all of the features of the new Amiga operating system were presented. During the presentation again ideas, criticism, and suggestions were given by the viewers. Juergen Haage put an implementation in parts into prospective for a coming "Boing-Pack 2". But the limits of what can be done are almost reached with this update. Without a change of the KickROMs not much further can be done, any more.

But about one subject he could not give any clear statement: Amiga DE. Haage & Partner still didn't decide whether or not they would port their own products to the new system. In parts this depends on the availability of a sophisticated GUI system, which isn't available at the time being. (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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Petra Struck

Show Report by Petra Struck

World of Amiga - Gleanings - 10.12.2000
Autor: Petra Struck (German version)

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Show report by Petra Struck

The World of Amiga 2000 from December, 9th to 10th, which was organized by Haage & Partner, was branded by the vending start of the new AMIGA OS3.9, which according to the vendors sold brilliant on the fair.

The show took place inside the really imposing building of Cologne's Mediapark 7 on about 300 m˛ room. For this show were organized within shortest time this event was attended very well with an amount of about 1500 visitors (note: own estimation). Seminars were held in the opposite building Mediapark 6. The first day of the fair Saturday was stamped by active crowd, while on Sunday it was rather unhurried, cause of only half as full as on the day before.

Before I start describing the highlights of the show I want to put across to every reader that I personally again liked this fair very much. I'm always exited about the cheerful and personal atmosphere. As already in Neuss an amazing amount of international attendants had come to the show. I've met and spoken to people from England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, France, and Spain. The visitors had visible fun and where impressed by the many different presentations. Everywhere crowds of interested viewers got together.

Disappointment only dispersed caused by the fact that Bill McEwen didn't attend the show; short- termed and insuspendable deadlines kept him from coming to Cologne. Fleecy Moss, Vice President and Chief of Development, but provided for incredulous astonishment by stating there must be at least 50,000 copies of AMIGA OS3.9 sold, to be able to do OS4.0. As for this time nobody thinks this to be possible his statement was taken for a clear No for OS4.0.

As already in Neuss together with the Amiga-Club im BTX & Internet was present with an own booth. From our editorial staff were on the fair: Dirk Baeyens, Tomás J. Cantó, Torsten Dudai, Ruediger Engel, Guido Fehst, Eric Gillé, Martina Jacobs, Rolf Tingler, and me truly. Nico Barbat was also on the show, but of course was very busy at his own booth (Falke-Verlag). Rolf inspired the visitor with his airbrushing skills.

We enjoyed to get in close contact with the readers and numerous dialogues convinced us to have high acknowledgment for our work, and encouraged us to continue to spend our free time for this project. Especially intensive and interesting were the dialogues with editors of other news services, as like Andrea Vallinotto from (ItalY), Adrian Sweeney from (Irland), Ian Maack from (Denmark), Sebastian Brylka from Fun Time World (Germany), and Mark Hinton and Russell Trent from AmigActive (England). Along this I would like to say thank you very much for the many kind compliments regarding our news service.

The Amiga-Club provided the people not able to attend the show with actual pictures from the fair, and cared for trouble-free UGN IRC chats. Traditional the club members answered our questions, and helped solving one or the other user's problem.

Also this time Michael Schaefer and Dennis Pauler from Virtual Dimension were busy with their video camera to create informing show videos. They did many interviews, and over and over made the microphone sure to work, cause on the last fair the microphone failed completely, which sure was half a disaster.

Trade and the big ones of the branch were present with their own booths - as a matter of fairness this time in alphabetical order or vice versa:

In talks with the exhibitors it became clear that - almost unisonous - they all came with mixed feelings, but against what they expected the visitors were joyfully buying. Trade overall voiced positive about sales.

Almost at all of the above mentioned booths presentations of different software and hardware took place which I will describe without special order. So for example Peter Hoffmann, Stefan Sommerfeld, and Juergen Rebensdorf from Aliendesign introduced their new sound card 'Repulse', which can be used with every Amiga with Zorro-II expansion. The sound card offers sampling rates from 8 to 48 kHz, including 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz S/P-Diff, and supports 16, 18, 20, and 24 Bit (S/P-DIF) sampling frequence in mono or stereo.

New at individual computers was the ISDN-Surfer Zorro card which was to purchase either with or without OVP. The announced products 'Lyra' (adapter to use WindowsTM keyborads with Amiga), and 'Buddha Flash MK2' unfortunately were not finished, but probably will be available before Christmas.

Dirk Conrad introduced his MAS-Player which is distributed by Eternity. The MPEG-Player is a small piece of hardware looking like a serial plug. The player can play MP3 files already on a machine only equipped with a 68000 68k processor. HiFi quality is around 18 Bit / 44 kHz. Since the WoA 2000 AmigaAMP is supported.

At the booth of Hyperion the attendants were able to admire a prototype of the G-Rex PCI board by DCE with Voodoo3 graphics board on action. With this system Heretic II really looked smooth, it was fast and the lightning effects were wonderfully visible. Users can look forward to better speed and nice graphics. The boards are planned to be finished end of December 2000.

Of course we yet asked for the projects under construction at Hyperion, and summarized the answers as follows:
  • Shogo: Hans-Joerg and Thomas Frieden are working on the Amiga version which presumably will be finished end of January 2001.
  • Freespace: On the port of this space shooter Steffen Haeuser and Matthias Roslund are working. It is planned to finished 1Q/2001.
  • Majesty: Stephan Rusdorf and Thomas Frieden are busy porting this fantasy strategy game which includes roll game elements. It is expected to be finished 2Q/2001.
  • Die Voelker (Alien Nations): Harry Sintonen is working on the port of this popular build-up and strategy game, which is a big success similar to Siedler.
  • SIN: Steffen Haeuser and Peter Annuss are working on the port of the 3D shooter. The game will presumably be finished 1Q/2001.
  • Hyperion will also port the 3D software 'Realsoft 3D' by Realsoft to the Amiga! With this software comparable to 'Cinema3D' or 'Reflections' the Amiga users will get a 3D modelling tool more extended and modern than anything else released before.

Eyetech together with Martin Schueler from Escena introduce the plans for the AmigaOne machine. It was shown on diagrams how the system will look like. The 68k emulation is being developed by Haage & Partner.

At Eternity Tales of Tamar was presented - Martin Wolf's favourite project. In the meantime the world map and cities have been enabled. Still intense online tests are running and the beta testers are really sold on the game. Initial bigger beta test are planned for 2Q/2001.

Also at Eternity EASys! by Tom Neidhardt was presented. The current update offers improvements like e.g. a built-in start menu, OS3.9 menu support and alignment. Other changes: the archive manager now supports XPK; the menus are structured better, and extend of menus is scalable, and moreover the buggy installation of the previous version has been fixed, hence a trouble-less installation is possible,yet.

Eternity moreover presented a PC (Eternity 1) basing on 1 GHz (Tunderbird processor by AMD), equipped with gigabyte board, 128 MB DIMM -133, Ge-Force II graphics board 32 MB DD-RAM, Catweazel controller, 52x CD-ROM drive, 20 GB Quantum HD, two PC floppy drives (one of them connected to the Catweasel), as well as a sound card 128 Bit PCI. The gag of this PC is a perfectly pre-installed UAE under Windows. This way one gets a fast PC, and an AMIGA at the speed of 68040/60.

During an interview with Andreas Magerl and Georg Breitsprecher from Amiga Future and APC&TCP Mr. Magerl stated that financing of the now self-produced print magazine 'Amiga Future' finally is safe. Number of orders still isn't 100% satisfying, but a huge layout enhancement would attract more orders. I've seen the new layout and I can confirm it to be a difference like night and day. :-)

Andreas Kuessner from WK-Artworks presented 'Taifun', the successor of 'WildFire'. Taifun is being developed for the new operating system 'Amiga DE' using the Amiga Software Developer Kit (SDK). KDH-Datentechnik will be distributor of Taifun.

At epic interactive Paul Burkey introduce 'Simon The Sorcerer II'. The game will be at the vendors form the middle of next week. Also presented was 'Earth 2140', a real-time strategy game has been ported to the Amiga by Pagan Games on demand of epic interactive. The master volume is on its way to production.

Still under development is Dafel:Bloodline. Status: Thomas Wuergler continues to work on this game, but when it will be finished cannot be estimated at the time being. 'Converting games' currently has a higher priority.

The ATC team handed me a disk containing a preview of the reworked classic game Dynamite. This one will be to play via internet. I promise to have a look at it soon. :)

My quite personal summary: The AMIGA is anything but dead! There are innovative developments in hardware and software taking place. There is unfractured engagement and unrestricted attendance to continue. In many dialogues it got clear that we are facing a future which though is undetermined, it's not hopeless. Tenor from the exhibitors' commercial point of view was, "Though one is able to make enough money with the Amiga, one cannot 'line his pockets'". Already from just this solitary point of view I rate this fair as a success. I had a lot of fun, anyway, and to have been there really pushed on my motivation. :-)

In terms of this....
Petra Struck (unk) (Translation: (unk)

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