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Archive 03/2002

CD³²-Allianz (ANF)

CD³²-Tuning: MPEG-modul
Henning Schlautmann has written a report about the MPEG-modul for the CD³²-Allianz which has been published today on the CD³²/CDTV-corner. It is exactly written how to install and use it. (sd) (Translation: (dr)

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Richard Kapp (ANF)

GFX-BASE: Interview with Darius Brewka (AmiStart)
Richard Kapp wrote:
The GFX-BASE team has published an English spoken interview with Darius Brewka who is the author of the startmenu clone "AmiStart".

AmiStart is a new startmenu clone for AmigaOS which offers the usual functions as well as some special things like transparent menus, keyboard-shortcuts, drag and drop and more. We have spoken with Darius about his plans for the new beta of AmiStart which is supposed to be published soon and have asked the usual questions.

And a last point: Please change your bookmarks to (sd) (Translation: (dr)

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Ricco Clemens (E-Mail)

Game: Pilot pictures for Freespace
Ricco Clemens wrote:
The Amig@lien Team wishes all Amiga-users a happy Easter and we offer some new pilot pictures for Freespace as an Easter present which you can download from the Amiga Freespace site and which also work with the Freespace demo version.

If we will get the needed permission then we will publish new missions, campaigns, mids and other things for the Amiga version of Freespace in the next time. (sd) (Translation: (dr)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Current e-mail-address
The editing stuff of Amiga Future can be presently contacted over the address Currently all e-mail-addresses do not work. (sd) (Translation: (dr)

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Olaf Köbnik (E-Mail)

Amiga Arena: Full version + source code of DBase V3.4
In co-operation with "David Ekholm" Amiga Arena publishes the final version of DBase 3.4 with the free available source code. DBase is a little but fast database.

The source code has been created under the SAS compiler (6.xx).

After "ArtPro" and "Aual Illusion" it is another program on the site of Amiga Arena which is available for free development.

You can get more information in the download archive or by "David Ekholm" (

Download: (sd) (Translation: (dr)

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31.Mar.2002 Hyperion-Chat (AmigaExpo 2002) (Update)
The Amiga Expo 2002 Hyperion chat is now available for download!
Download: Amiga-Expo-2002-hyperion.mp3 (5,5 MB)

Some interesting snippets of information, posted by SlimJim:

  • Screenshots of Amiga OS 4.0 will be published in the first part of April.

  • Magic Menu and Birdie (among others) will be seamlessly integrated into the OS 4.0 interface.

  • The new OS 4.0 GUI will look quite different (i.e it will not just look like a fast OS 3.9).

  • Opus Magellan 2 has been licensed for OS 4.0 (details unknown).

  • For the moment, the new printer system is not due to arrive until Boingbag/OS 4.1.

  • The _latest_ MUI source code will be used (there was a question about this)

  • IBrowse2.3 will be quite some beast. It will be enhanced for OS4.0. Not just some Aminet update. It will still miss some features of Netscape/IE though. There is not time to fix all to OS4.0. Flash is planned to be implemented. IB will be _much_ more stable than it is now.

  • The guy that did the Warp-datatypes seems to be doing the new PPC-datatypes.

  • The datatype system as a whole is to get a complete overhaul later. There is not enough time to do that to initial release.

  • An office suit (Open office if I remember correctly) is being worked on. This is a 'high priority' for inclusion. (although it was not clear to me if it would be shipped initially)

  • The development of software -independent of company size- is difficult to predict. But Mr. Hermans seems quite confident of an end-user release in May.

Update 02.04.2002:
Here a largher transscript from (ps)

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Dietmar Knoll (ANF)

AmigaOSXL: Experiences with the H&P Big-Tower 1800+ (Update)
Dietmar Knoll:
In my report I describe the experiences I have made with the Big-Tower. The eighth update includes some changes, that I describe on the top of the page. I have re-arranged, corrected and updated some parts. Further, I have extended the comments on BoingBag2 once again.

Next, I will re-write the chapter about "Patches for Amithlon".

If you look closely, you will find a little Easter egg, btw. In other words: Happy Easter! ;-) (ps)

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Manfred Rauer (ANF)

AlienImperium to see on Computerrevolution2002
Amigalien organizes on the 4th and 5th of May in 2002 the Computerrevolution (a computer party in Saxony) for the second time.

ASA (AccM-Software-Allianz) will be also present there and gives you the possibility of some first impressions on the "AlienImperium". () (Translation: (dr)

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Virtual Dimension (ANF)

Video "Making of Amiga 2001"
On the 17th and 18th of November the annual German Amiga-fair took place in Cologne Mediapark, named "Amiga 2001". As always the Virtual Dimension-team has been live on location to do a report for you. Now here's a small "Making of" with exclusive "Behind the Scenes"-shots and the best outtakes. The VD-team wishes everybody Happy Easter! (ps)

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Innovative (ANF)

Innovative: Server upgrade and e-mail problems (Update)
Felix Schwarz writes:
Dear customers,
our server is currently offline for maintainance and hardware upgrade. If you want to contact us in the meantime, please use as we currently experience problems with our mailserver (these will be solved within the next week). If you sent emails to an after 29th March 2002, please resend them to Sorry for any inconviniences. We will be fully back online in a few days. Stay tuned!

The e-mail problem in the meantime is resolved. (ps)

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Different sources

Several software-updates
Massimo Tantingone
At Massimo's projekt-site you can find TRAP version 44.5 and an update for AutoUpdateWB version 45.2. TRAP is a ReAction-Patch, which can be used together with VisualPrefs 1.5f.
download: TRAP.lha - AutoUpdateWB.lha

Olivier Fabre
Olivier Fabre has released Matrix version 1.9 for 68k/MOS. Matrix is s screenblanker.
Download: Matrix_1.9.lzx - Readme

Tales of Tamar - Amiga version 0.42 R4
With Version V0.42 R4 the artillerie is introduced. there are light, middel and heavy artillerie made of 4 different siege engines: small and big ballista, catapult and warcatapult. The siege engines are thebest weapons to conquer cities and castles.

EvenMore Version 0.60
The textviewer EvenMore was released in version 0.60. With this new version the preferences were changed this means that new settings are required.
Download: EvenMore.lha

(ps) (Translation: (ub)

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Oliver Hummel (per Showcast-Stream der Amiga Expo in Baltimore) (ANF)

New C64 Commodore One
According to the internetradio broadcast from the Amiga Expo in Baltimore, there might arrive a successor of the C64 this year to market, the Commodore One.

Different to former "successors", which were in truth only common 486 pcs with an C64 emulation, this one will be a completley new design, as most as possible compatible to the C64. Interesting is that, different than the Aone, this will use custonchips again.

For sound there is "Monstersid", the grafics will be done from "super vic" with a maximun resolution of 1280x1024. (ps) (Translation: (ub)

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polarBoing: AmigaAnywhere Tutorial - Part 1
Under the title link you will find the first part of the tutorial by Nicolas Mendoza about AmigaAnywhere. (ps)

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29.Mar.2002 wishes Happy Easter!

© Rolf Tingler
(ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Jens Meirich (ANF)

Pegasos images in 800x600
Jens Meirich:
With kind permission of Thomas Knäbel, bplan GmbH, Pegasos download archives are available on my homepage from today on. They contain images which bPlan put online in raw format.

I have converted these images to 800x600 JPEG and made them available for download as LhA and zip archives.

For your information: the image archives are copyrighted by bplan GmbH and may not be published elsewhere in any form without prior permission. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Olaf Barthel (ANF)

Suggestion for extension of the SANA-II standard online
It took a while, but now is a suggestion on the extension of the SANA-II standard available which deals especially with PPP drivers. Comments, suggestions and criticism welcome! (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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29.Mar.2002 (ANF) e-mail forwarding service
Several months ago, mentioned that they were investigating the idea of offering a free e-mail forwarding service for all their validated users. That service is now in beta. Check it out !! (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Event: Mekka & Symposium in Fallingbostel starts today
Today the meanwhile legendary demo scene party Mekka & Symposium which is taking place each year around Easter starts today. We wish the participants lots of fun and we would be happy if one or the other would share his fun with us through small reports. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Event: Amiga Expo 2002 in Baltimore starts today
To participate interactively in the Amiga Expo 2002 in Baltimore you can visit the website of UGN. There is described how you can listen to and watch the show, or transmit messages. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

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Andreas Falkenhahn

CD32 & CDTV Emulator Akiko (for Windows) Version 1.5
Akiko 1.5, the CD32 & CDTV emulator for Windows was just released on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. This version is a major update with many new features and cool improvements: For example it's now possible to boot CD32 & CDTV games directly from their ISO image or from a folder on your harddisk. Additionally you can put the audio tracks as MP3s on your harddisk and Akiko will use and play them also (so you can also replace the music with your favorite soundtracks!). Finally Akiko supports some new CD32 & CDTV games and some fixes were done (concerning CD audio and Joypad emulation). And I removed the code protections for Speris Legacy, Worms and Alien Breed 3D because they are no longer necessary these days and so they only nerv the users. Akiko 1.5 can now be downloaded from the Airsoft Softwair web page (title link). (ps)

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29.Mar.2002 (ANF)

Poll on the preferred OS by
At the title link you'll find a poll by in which you are asked about your preferred operating system. Possible answers are: Linux, Windows, Mac, Unix, Amiga, DOS, Symbian und Be. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

[News message: 29. Mar. 2002, 10:55] [Comments: 1 - 29. Mar. 2002, 15:40]
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OSNews (ANF)

OSNews: AmigaDE - Am I missing something?
At the title link you'll find a critical article by OSNews on the topic AmigaDE. (ps) (Translation: (rh)

[News message: 29. Mar. 2002, 10:49] [Comments: 1 - 29. Mar. 2002, 20:40]
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