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Archive 04/2002

Thomas Unger (E-Mail)

  1. The webpages based distribution on CD-ROM about history, persons, models, clones, specials, peripherie, operating systems and support of the Amiga is now available in version V2.0.

    The massive growth in volume, especially caused by the update to ´Amiga Interactive Guide- 5th anniversary edition´ from Gareth Knight (13/03/2002), created the necessity for the transition to a double-CD. Belatedly: Congratulations Gareth!

    The PDF manual collection were taken out to the second CD. All news, updates, the release history and requirements are to find within the ReadMe. Price and shipment kept unchanged

  2. THE KICKSTART ARCHIVES introduces its new homepage.

  3. The home page has been extended with a further online service:
    Amiga-Ethernet with bridgeboard and an ISA network card. This tutorial detailly describes how ISA network cards can be used. Sure: Not trivial at all. These screenshots and background information, chapter by chapter, might also be suitable for "non freaks" to finish (hopefully) the installation of the hard- and software.
(ps) (Translation: ub)

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DTP: PageStream version
There has been an update for PageStream to version released. The update is available for Amiga, Macintosh and Windows. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Golem - IT News

Golem: ELSA after all to close down
»The closure of ELSA AG's business very probable now.
The continuance of ELSA AG is very unlikely, according to the result of the company's insovancy trustee, lawyer Thomas Georg. After examination of the insovency request he came to the result that the company is insovent and hevily in debt. «
For the complete article follow the title link. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Heise Newsticker (ANF)

Event: 3rd Retrocomputer-festival in Munich
This weekend there will be the 3rd Retrocomputer-festival in Munich. Probably there will be an exhibition about the history of the Amiga as well. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Jon Niemima: Interview with Ben Hermans
Following the title link you will find an English interview with Ben Hermans of Hyperion from April, the 23rd 2002. The interview was made by the Finn Jon Niemima. (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Marc Gutzwiller (ANF)

ORF Teletext: AmigaOS 4.0 - First pictures
At the teletext page 462 of the Austrian TV ORF I discovered the following notice:

After the anouncement of the new Amiga platform AmigaOne the company Hyperion, OS-development partner of Amiga Inc., has released first sreenshots of OS 4 now.

Those pictures should give a first impression for the new OS but do not represent the finished look.

According to Hyperion this look was generated not through patches but with system functions.« (ps) (Translation: ub)

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Felix Schwarz (ANF)

VHI-drivers for USB-digicams and USB-webcams
We are very happy to announce that VHI-drivers for USB-digicams and USB-webcams will soon be available.

It will soon be possible to also use more recent cameras with VHI Studio and benefit from all its advantages. In contrast to a USB-card reader VHI Studio communicates directly with the camera via the VHI driver. This opens up completly new possibilities to the user, making it possible to create timelapse-animations, use the digital camera as a webcam, make changes to internal settings via a comfortable user interface, correct pictures using its correction-tools or just creating a quick overview of the pictures in the camera.

Supported USB-webcams will be handled like a videoboard in VHI Studio.

In the last few weeks we´ve extended the VHI-standard and made the required changes to VHI Studio to support USB. As the development of at least two API-incompatible USB-stacks (Poseidon by Chris Hodges (for Highway/Subway, MorphOS, maybe Amithlon) and the USB Stack contained in AmigaOS 4.0) on the AMIGA-market is forseeable, we furthermore have created a stack-independant layer (called IOUSB) between the driver and the respective USB-stack that will ensure support for the different systems.

Thanks to a close cooperation with E3B (hardware of Highway/Subway) and Chris Hodges (author of Poseidon) the support for Poseidon is already complete. Support for AmigaOS 4.0 and its stack will be added when the development of AmigaOS 4.0 has completed. We´re already in contact with the AmigaOS 4.0-developerteam, so that adapted drivers should be available from us for the release of AmigaOS 4.0.

The first driver, which will support the Kodak®-Digicams DC 240, DC 280, DC 3400 and DC 5000, currently undergoes final betatests with Poseidon.

Development of drivers for other devices will depend on the demands of the market. We therefore have created a little poll and would appreciate a high number of participants.

To the poll (ps)

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AFUA: French Amiga usergroup has been visiting Thendic (Update)
Bertrand Presles, president of the French usergroup AFUA (Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Amiga) has been visiting Thendic in Paris on April, the 23rd 2002 and was talking with Bill Buck, Rakesh and Sharwin (Coyote Flux) and several other employees about MorphOS, Pegasos and the other products distributed by Thendic. Some pictures, a movie and an English report are to find following the title link, of course that one is also available in French.

Thendic is the company, that will distribute BPlan´s Pegasos board; further information you might find with our interview which is available in German and English.

Because the server of AFUA wasn´t capable of the run on it Bertrand Presles, the president, has permitted to set up a mirror for the relevant pages and to translate the report to German (which still has to be done).

Thendic-France Report
Author: Bertrand Presles

In the 23rd of April 2002 i go to Thendic-France where i could meet Bill Buck, the famous Coyote Flux guys and the others employees of this company. I've also seen the Pegasos working under MorphOS. You should note that the MorphOS version i have seen is a development version, that means that there is debug output every second that slow down the computer and so the performances i could see weren't as good as they should be with the final version of the Pegasos.

I could talk about lot of things with Bill and the Coyote Flux, i've particularly learn that the Eclipsis project will consist of a handheld computer which will use a PowerPC processor and run under MorphOS. It will have an amazing graphic chip which can be compared to something like the Copper but a lot better ;). It'll also feature AGA emulation and so will be able to run existing AGA Amiga softwares. The goal of this project is to offer an handheld computer which has capacities close to a desktop computer and allowing to use the same applications as you can run on the Pegasos. But don't expect to see an Eclipsis before 2003.

I've also have the luck to admire the other products distributed by Thendic-France like the ComCams which are wireless cameras (802.11b) very easy to install and use. I've also seen a Tri-Cam which is a black box which content three video cameras allowing to see the globality of a room. The big advantage is that this box don't look like a camera but more like an alarm and can easily not be noticed. This box is also wireless.

Finally, i've seen the CashBoys which are devices for credit card payment and also bar code readers.

Concerning the Pegasos, i could see the capacities of this marvelous computer thanks to some demos on CandyFactory Pro and Softcinema. And i've to admit that, despite the debugging outputs, it runs pretty well. You can see a video of Matrix (Divx) below but notice that the little stops every seconds are due to the debugging log that it sent to the serial port every second so the effective speed that we can expect in the final version of the Pegasos can be constated between this debug seconds ;)

Personally, i'll definitely buy a Pegasos when it'll be available ;)

The photo below show the front side of the Thendic's Pegasos. This is a well designed standard ATX tower.

Pegasos Front

Below you can see the non customized Workbench running on the Pegasos. Obviously this is the Workbench as you know it, so it is as customable as a normal Workbench and the final version of MorphOS will have lot of parts of the GUI running natively and with some new cool stuffs.

MorphOS Workbench

The picture below is a screenshot of Quake 2 Beta running on a Voodoo3 on an Amiga 4000. This game run perfectly well and show that we can expect all the game we want in the future on the Pegasos (Of course for games that will be available ;) )

Quake 2

The picture below show a global view of the Amiga part of the company. We can see Bill, Sharwin and Rakesh. Notice also the impressive number of Amigas ;-)

Global view

Below it's a picture of the back of the Pegasos. We can notice that it fits perfectly on an ATX tower and we can recognise the impressive standard connectivities included by default.

Pegasos Back

Finaly you can watch a little movie showing Matrix running on SoftCinema on MorphOS (You can download it and see it with Action, Moovid or SoftCinema).

Matrix on Pegasos

I'd like to thanks Bill, Sharwin, Rakesh, Thierry, Eric and the others for their welcome, their adhesion to the AFUA and for their cool little presents ;) (ps) (Translation: ub)

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AmigaRulez: Interview with Thomas Frieden
Johan "Graak" Forsberg of AmigaRulez has conducted a wide-ranging interview with Thomas Frieden of Hyperion. You will find this English language interview under the title link above. (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Andreas Magerl (E-Mail)

Amiga Future: Preview of Issue #36 online
The preview, such as reading and layout samples, of Amiga Future #36 (May/June 2002) is now available on the AF homepage. The magazine itself is to come out on May 5th.

With this issue the entire layout has been reworked, and if everything goes as planned, this issue will be on a better quality of paper [recycled I hope -dm] (ps) (Translation: dm)

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Tales of Tamar

Game: T.o.T. - New Amiga Version 0.43R1 / Mac V0.22
The new Amiga version 0.43 R1 and version V0.22 for Mac of the internet based roundgame Tales of Tamar by Eternity have been released. The update is available for download by beta testers at the usual location.

In version 0.43 the statistics screen of the ToT PC version has been ported, corrected and activated. At the same time the Amiga version of ToT now also supports SMTP Auth.

In the Mac version 0.22 the building screen has been ported and some city routines have been implemented. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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gene (ANF)

Heise reports about AmigaOS 4: First pictures of Amiga OS 4 (Update II)
German computer news service Heise has published a news item about OS4.
Complete article via title link.

Update - Further articles about this topic:
Golem: AmigaOS 4.0 - Erste Screenshots veröffentlicht
Der Standard: Erste Bilder von Amiga OS4 veröffentlicht
OSNews: AmigaOS 4 Screenshots Released
futureZone: Erste Screenshots von AmigaOS4.0 Eerste beelden Amiga-besturing Screenshots AmigaOS 4
(ps) (Translation: cb)

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Celso (ANF)

ZDNet: Sendo Z100 with Amiga Anywhere
According to ZDNet, newcomer Sendo has also licensed technology for making AmigaAnywhere available on their multimedia mobile phone with Microsoft's Smartphone (Stinger) operating system and Java. (ps) (Translation: cb)

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Oliver ´Bladerunner´ Hummel

Workshop: PCMCIA-Reset Workshop
There is a German workshop about PCMCIA-Reset. (ps)

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Amiga Inc.: AmigaOS 4 Screenshots online (Update II)
The first screenshots of the GUI of the upcoming AmigaOS 4 are now available at the title link. These shots depict only some new features like configurable sliders, menus and system-images. Another new feature is the possibility to move a window partly out of the visible screen.

Additional screenshots will soon be published.

GUI: Temporary screenshots of the AmigaOS 4 GUI
The published screenshots are only temporary and they do not depict the look and feel of the final AmigaOS 4.0 GUI. The work is still in progress.

The big improvements of intuition (made beneath the surface) are not visible in these screenshots...

These screenshots only show a few elements may or may not be part of the default look and feel of AmigaOS 4. The important point about these shots is the fact that the new intuition can, in many parts, be configured according to the needs of the user.

In the end you will be the one who desides how the new AmigaOS 4 will look like...

Menu: Preview of the AmigaOS 4 Menus
This is no MagicMenu or something similar; this is intuition! The work is still in progress and new features, like changing the menu icons, will be added.

Update 25.04.2002:
Ben Hermans from Hyperion stated on ANN:
In the last 48 hours interest in the OS 4 screenshots was such that it threatens to overwhelm the server.

- 50000 visitors (!) - 9000000 page views - 2.2 million files transfered - 17.67 GB of traffic All within 48 HOURS. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Dirk Baeyens (E-Mail)

Amiga Anywhere now up for sale (Update)
In the middle of March 2002 Bill McEwen announced the 'Amiga Anywhere' line of products for PDAs, Cell Phones, Set Top Boxes, Internet Appliances, Desktops, Digital TVs and more.

Under the title link the new product 'Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1' for PocketPC is up for sale.

Update 23.04.2002:
Amiga Anywhere takes Windows Powered devices to the next level! Amiga has announced the availability of the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack # 1. The Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 is available for download at a price of $29.95 and exclusive Game CardTM versions are available for $49.95 (Compact Flash), or $59.95 (Secure Digital) from the Amiga website at the Amiga Anywhere Shop. Read the Amiga Anywhere Entertainment Pack #1 for PocketPC press release here. (ps)

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22.Apr.2002 (ANF) mentions Amiga mentions the Amiga and Atari in an article (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Elvis (ANF)

Game: EyAngband 0.4.2
An Amiga version of EyAngband 0.4.2 has been uploaded to clockwork. As soon as someone has moved from Incoming, you'll be able to access it via the following link: eyangband-042-ami.lha (658 KB)

There are bound to be plenty of graphical discrepancies, so email me with a list and I'll get them fixed for the next release.

Gumband 2.2.0c gumband-220c-ami.lha


Bablos - Angband Variant Site (ps)

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Richard Kapp (ANF)

GFX-BASE: Interview with Emanuele Cesaroni
Emanuele Cesaroni of Nexus Developement, programmer of the game PuzzleBOBs is currently working on a new game (called PDAng) for AmigaOS and AmigaDE.

The game seems to be funny and interesting. We talked with Emanuele about PDAng and his plans for the future. We also publish some exclusive screenshots of his new game. The English version of the interview can be found here. (ps) (Translation: sk)

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Michael Asse (ANF)

Update Amiga Frontier Page
The Amiga-Frontier-Page, which has several versions of Frontier-Elite-II as shareware-version for download has been updated. I added the Polish and Czech versions of the game. (ps)

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Amiga Future

Updates: HSMathLibs V44.50, muFS patch V45.13

Matthias Henze released a new version (44.50 beta2 for mc68881/82 and 44.50 beta8 for mc68040 and mc68060) of HSMathLibs for betatesters only.

muFS patch
Etienne Vogt released beta version 45.13 of "muFS patch".

Download: muFS4513p.lha (27K), Readme (sd) (Translation: sk)

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USB-Poseidon: support for ZIP-drives
Vision Factory Developments updated the UHCI-driver used by Poseidon. The new version now supports USB ZIP 250MB drives.

The new version was tested with a VIA 83572 UHCI PCI USB-card and a G-REX A4000. (sd) (Translation: sk)

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Games: Cinemawares "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon"
After the release of games like "Defender of the Crown" Cinemaware now made "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon" available for download.

After the registration, you can download the game for Amiga, C=64, AppleII and IBM-PC.

Original text (taken from the webside):
«YOU are Sinbad the Sailor battling dark and mysterious forces in a epic sea fearing quest. Get ready for pirates and genies, romance and heartbreak, comedy and tragedy, set in a fantastic universe that begs to be explored. Steel yourself for the ultimate challenge to your skills as swordsman, leader and navigator. You'll need all of your wits to defeat THE BLACK PRINCE and his minions from hell. The task is formidable but the lovely PRINCESS has begged for your aid. Can you deny her?» (sd) (Translation: sk)

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