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Archive 02/2004

25.Feb.2004 (Website)

C64 still used commercially
As it obviously looks like there are C64s still used commercially in Brisbane (Australia): Following the title link there are several pictures proving that at one C64 is still used for an info display at the "MYER Centre main bus station". (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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25.Feb.2004 (Website)

MorphOS: MS-DOS emulator "DOSBox" v0.61
The emulator DOSBox emulates a DOS environment following the aim to bring old PC games to new computers. There is a new version of that emulator for MorphOS available now.

Direct download (561 KB) (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Steven Weiser (ANF)

Localization for the latest WinUAE version
With the latest version of WinUAE Toni Wilen has reactivated the old "WinUAE_language.dll" system which has not been used since almost three years but allows to localize the GUI of WinUAE.

Steven Weiser, a WinUAE beta tester, just started to build a German translation right after he got the SDK. The translation is available at this homepage.

If there are any issues with that file, Steven is reachable at (cg) (Translation: (ub)

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Genesi (E-Mail)

Genesi selects Motorola 7447A CPU for upcoming Pegasos G4 line
Genesi announced today that the Pegasos II G4 using the recently announced 7447A will be shipped as soon as the CPU is commercially released by Motorola. Until then the 7447 will be shipped with the Pegasos II G4.

Motorola has validated the 7447A as a "Supported Motorola Product" for MorphOS, the Pegasos, and the Open Desktop Workstation.

Both, the PegasosPPC and the Open Desktop Workstation have been validated as "Evaluation/Development Boards and Systems" for the 7447 and 7447A G4 CPUs. (cg)

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3sat/neues (German TV magazine)

Zeta: BeOS successor preinstalled on Via computers
As 3Sat reported in today's programme of the TV computer magazine neues will the BeOS successor Zeta come in the near future preinstalled on a new multimedia slim PC on the market. This mini PC is said to get a new users interface making diverse multimedia functions easy to use for the user without the need to get to know more of the operating system

The PC basing on a board with a 1GHz processor by Via is among other things meant to running Internet applications as well as playing music and working as a digital video recorder. The prices will be appr. 690 Euro. Further information can be found on the website of the TV magazine "neues". (snx) (Translation: (wk)

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24.Feb.2004 (Website)

Events: AmiGBG presents the "Amiga Developer's Pavilon"
AmiGBG in cooperation with UniversalSpace.NET are proud to present the Amiga Developers' Pavilion. A.D.P. will be a meeting place for developers, ranging from beginners to professional game and application designers. The list of participants in the A.D.P. is growing continuously. (cg)

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Martin (DaFreak) Rebentisch (ANF)

Liquid Skies records #066
The scene group Liquid Skies has released its 66th music pack. It contains a nearly 10 min long track of the Finnish musicians Tripper and I-Oxo. The track is a mix of different styles but mainly Trance.
  • Title: Nutmeg
  • Musicians: Tripper feat. I-Oxo
  • Style: Trance
  • Lenght: 9:43
  • Format: mp3
  • Size: 8.5 MB

The zipped file is available for free download. (cg) (Translation: (gf)

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AMIGAplus 02/2004 (#144) - peggy's on the fly again...
Issue 144 of AMIGAplus was released on February 20th, 2004, including a review of Pegasos II, the new series "New jobs for old Amigas" (part 1: Amiga as a faxmachine), the full version of Epic Multimedia Lexikon (German version) on the A+ CD 26 and much more articles. Details:
  • Reviewed: Pegasos II
  • A+ CD 26: Epic Multimedia Lexikon
  • New jobs for old Amigas, part 1: Faxmachine
  • SVCD-Workshop, part 1
  • What works: MorphOS-Compatibility
  • Preview: Gorky 17
  • Amiga Status Report: When it's done...
  • Top 10 Shareware-Tools
  • Review: Homebank 3
  • Consumer protection: Buying via Internet
  • UAE 0.8.22 Configuration for Compiler-freaks
  • Workshop: AmigaOS 3.9 under WinUAE
  • Demoscene: Behind the scene
  • and much more
German monthly print magazine AMIGAplus (68 pages) may be ordered from publisher falkemedia for 5 Euro per issue including shipping costs or via subscription. (nba)

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24.Feb.2004 (Website) Amiga-Team for SETI@Home founded
Now an Amiga-Team takes part at the SETI@Home, the project "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence". (cg) (Translation: (gf)

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Sylvio Kurze (E-Mail)

ADA-Team: New homepage, new tool
The Anime Development for Amiga Team has just uploaded a new design of their homepage (title link). They also relased a new tool for the Amiga names "unzens", which uncensors Matrix-censored pictures. (nba)

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23.Feb.2004 (Website)

MorphOS: New version of the client available
There is a new MorphOS prerelease client available (489), it contains a bugfix for the upcoming MorphOS 1.4.2 release.

Direct download (291 KB) (cg)

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IOSPIRIT: AMIGA special promotion prolonged and new account functions
IOSPIRIT - on numerous requests - prolongs the special price promotion, within which many products are available at significantly reduced prices, until the end of March.

Furthermore, there's now functionality in the customer account that allows order tracking for many different sending types. (cg)

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Bill Panagouleas (ANF)

Game publisher: "DiscreetFX GameShop"
Software developers "DiscreetFX", known for recently initiating the "Amizilla" campaign, are going to support game developers in the future:

"DiscreetFX GameShop allows Amiga/AmigaOS 4.0/MorphOS & AROS game developers to focus on what their good at, developing a great game. Game Shop takes care of everything else, free web hosting, marketing, promotion, packaging and shipping. Free toll free number for sales and support, free downloads of demo versions of the game and works in progress from the GameShop web site.

In these sometimes troubled economic times GameShop fulfills a much needed requirement in this small but regrowing community. It gives new, small, resource hungry game developers a place to publish and host their games. Not all games that are submitted will make the cut but the ones that make it will have a lot less to worry about and can focus on making the best game possible. In the past the Amiga launched the careers of many great game developers. Bullfrog, Core Design & EA just to name a few. With GameShop we hope to spark some new careers for new game developers.

Today's game industry is rift with old worn out ideas that have be rehashed time and time again, have you played to many FPS or RTS games? With GameShop we are hoping to nurture new game developers with fresh ideas for the gaming industry. Now being broke does not mean your great game idea will not be published.

2004 should be a banner year for Amiga & Amiga compatible systems. All those new customers will need relaxing and entertaining games on their systems. And new game authors need free web hosting and low cost no nonsense publishing terms to get their titles available to that user base.

Would you like your game published through the Game Shop? Here are the steps you need to take.
  1. Contact us at gameshop AT discreetfx DOT com
  2. Be ready to provided details about your game including screen shots, demo versions, development track record and or story boards
  3. Sign the easy to read, legalize free DiscreetFX contract
  4. Submit all graphics, HTML, demos Etc. that you want published on GameShop to DiscreetFX
  5. Get back to what counts the most, finishing the development of your new game

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards

Bill Panagouleas

About DiscreetFX

DiscreetFX has been creating software products for the Amiga, video editing, computer generated graphics (CGI) industry since 1995. The Amiga computer defined and created the video editing, computer graphics market when it went on sale in 1985." (cg) (Translation: (cg)

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