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Archive 02/2006

Martin (DaFreak) Rebentisch (ANF)

Music: Liquid Skies release #091
The scene group Liquid Skies yesterday released their 91th music pack. It contains the track "Guitar Vibes" by the Russian musician Alex West and a cover by DaFreak. The style of the track is rather soft natured.
  • Title: Guitar Vibes
  • Musician: Alex West
  • Style: Ambient/Chillout
  • Length: 4:31
  • Format: mp3
  • Size: 5,0 MB

The zipped file is available for free download under the link above. (cg) (Translation: (iw)

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27.Feb.2006 (Webseite)

Linux: Gentoo 2006.0 released
The Linux-Distribution Gentoo is in Version 2006.0 available - among other also for the Pegasos. Included is now the new Gentoo-Installer , which simplify the installation and works with several Frontends, for example gtkfe. (snx) (Translation: (aj)

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27.Feb.2006 (Forum)

Minimig: Technical specifications of the Amiga-clons fixed
Dennis van Weeren, Developer of the FPGA-based Amiga 500-clons Minimig ( reported) , has now the technical specifications to tranfer his prototype on a board fixed.

A keyboard support, a on screen menu and if possible the support of all games which needs 1MB memory will be added if this board is finished.

The technical specifications of the board:
  • Board: 2-layer, 150 mm x 150 mm
  • CPU: Freescale MC68SEC000 @ 10 MHz
  • Memory: 2 MB, 70 ns SRAM (therefrom 0,5 MB for the Kickstart-ROM)
  • FPGA: Xilinx Spartan-3 XC3S400-4PQ208C
  • Mikrocontroller: PIC18LF252-I/SO
  • 2x Gameports (9-Pin)
  • 2x PS/2-connector (Mouse and Keyboard)
  • 1x VGA-Connector (15-Pin)
  • 1x Stereo-Connector (3,5 mm)
  • 1x Serielle Port (9-Pin)
  • 1x Powerconnector (8 - 12 Volt DC)
  • 1x MMC-cartdreader
  • 2x LED (Powersupply and Drive)
  • 1x Pushbutton (Onscreenmenu)
  • 1x Switch (Videooutput 31 or 15 KHz)
(snx) (Translation: (aj)

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27.Feb.2006 (Webseite)

AmigaOS 4: Video shows RDesktop-Performance and Screen-Dragging
Amiga-User Darren "Ryu" Glenn has on a Video released, which shows the performance of the RDesktop -client and the with Update 4 added Screen-Dragging. (cg) (Translation: (aj)

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27.Feb.2006 (Webseite)

MP3-Player: Changed Versionen of AmigaAMP-Engines
Thomas Wenzel changed the Decoder-Engines of his MP3-Player AmigaAMP: several memory leaks and the AmigaOS 4 "unfreed signals"-Error are fixed. (cg) (Translation: (aj)

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Aminet-Uploads til 26.02.2006
Aminet-Uploads since our last report:
lohnsteuer.lha              biz/misc    152K  OS3  calculate the taxes and social insurance
wookiechat.lha              comm/irc    458K  VAR  IRC Client (Internet Relay Chat)
facts.lha                   comm/tcp    198K  OS3  NTP clock time synchroniser AutoDST/GUI
A71Mail.lha                 comm/www     19K  GEN  Email Form multilanguage written in php
asp2php-mos.lha             comm/www    125K  MOS  ASP to PHP converter.
httphandler.lha             comm/www     24K  OS4  HTTP: device for accessing web-hosted fi
SFinfo.lha                  dev/basic    23K  OS3  "sndfile.library" dev kit for Blitz
simplecat.lha               dev/misc    103K  VAR  V2.20 Powerful CatComp replacement
amon.lha                    dev/moni     23K  GEN  AMON hex monitor (Pascal source)
DC2Lvl-EMine12.lha          game/data   386K  GEN  81 levels for Diamond Caves II
OpenJazz.lha                game/jump   203K  OS4  Jazz Jackrabbit games interpreter.
Arkanos.lha                 game/misc   518K  OS3  free break out game like ARKANOID
scummvm-0.8.0.lha           game/misc   2.4M  MOS  Adventure game engine
Wolfenstein3D.lha           game/shoot  110K  OS3  Amiga port of Wolf3D
Wolfenstein_3D_MOS.tgz      game/shoot  1.3M  MOS  Wolfenstein 3D for MorphOS
adv770_os4.lha              game/text   976K  OS4  Text adventure Adv770
abandoned_bricks-mos.lha    game/think  2.2M  MOS  SDL cross-platform tetris-like game
PaperBox.lha                gfx/3d      2.0M  OS3  Realtime rendered paper boxes using Stor
PaperBox_1.png              gfx/3d       12K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
PaperBox_2.png              gfx/3d        4K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
PaperBox_3.png              gfx/3d       21K  GEN  Screenshot from PaperBox
SView5.lha                  gfx/misc    2.2M  VAR  SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package 
TVPAnimScripts.lha          gfx/misc     11K  GEN  TVPaint Image-sequence transport scripts
mijfif.lha                  gfx/show     31K  MOS  JFIF&BMP24 viewer for CGX MorphOS
hatari.lha                  misc/emu    1.7M  OS4  Atari ST and STE emulator
rundos.lha                  misc/emu     55K  VAR  run MS-DOS soft by clicking on the icon
ruidos_nuevos_4.mp3         mods/mpg    3.6M  GEN  Song by Diezi7
aifc2wav_4.lha              mus/edit     16K  OS3  Converts IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WA
playmate.lha                mus/misc    130K  OS4  General purpose instrument tuner & metro
nICkONs-4.lha               pix/gicon    83K  GEN  Game Glowicons
2001_icons.lha              pix/icon    390K  GEN  '2001 a Space Odyssey' a PNG iconset.
animauls.lha                pix/icon    213K  GEN  'Animauls' a PNG iconset. (128x128)
cheesefolders.lha           pix/icon    105K  GEN  'Cheese Folders' a PNG iconset. (128x128
chocolatefolders.lha        pix/icon    154K  GEN  'Chocolate Folders' a PNG iconset (128x1
cowmilk.lha                 pix/icon    102K  GEN  'CowMilk' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
digital_video.lha           pix/icon    235K  GEN  'Digital Video' a PNG iconset. (128x128,
HunoPNGsPack1Fix.lha        pix/icon    731K  GEN  HunoPNG'sPack1 Fix for Workbench        pix/icon    982K  GEN  HunoPNG'sPack2 Fix for Workbench
icollection.lha             pix/icon    657K  GEN  'iCollection' a PNG icon collection.
kiwiana.lha                 pix/icon    147K  GEN  'Kiwiana' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
pizzaicons.lha              pix/icon    962K  GEN  'PizzaIcons 1 and 2' a PNG iconset. (128
totalchaosagav5_review.jpg  pix/misc    177K  GEN  Review of the game Total Chaos AGA
ikir_theme.lha              pix/theme   1.1M  GEN  ikir's AmigaOS 4 Theme              pix/theme    62K  GEN  Brighter Them for Audio-Mixer (A1-AOS4)
dt.jpg                      pix/wb      620K  GEN  Amikit scren shot
BareED.lha                  text/edit   347K  OS3  Text editor supporting proportional font
IconBeFast.lha              util/boot    20K  OS3  for faster icons & better color mapping,
Transmitter.lha             util/cdity   58K  OS3  Reads text-clips and stores them as inpu
codesets.lha                util/libs   349K  VAR  Library for handling codesets and charac
TritonPPC.lha               util/libs   409K  MOS  Triton GUI creation system
zlibrary.lha                util/libs    40K  OS4  zlib core as a shared library for AmigaO
(cg) (Translation: (aj)

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27.Feb.2006 Uploads til 26.02.2006 uploads since our last report:
wesnoth_exe.lha       gam/str    4Mb  Battle for Wesnoth
aquastars.lha         gra/ico  372kb  'AquaStars' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x
geekysweets.lha       gra/ico  389kb  'Geeky Sweets' a PNG iconset. (128x128)
sddapple.lha          emu/com  310kb  Apple II emulator.
ww2.lha               gam/boa    2Mb  World War II strategy war game
codesets.lha          lib/mis  349kb  Library for handling codesets and charac
cheesefolders.lha     gra/ico  246kb  'Cheese Folders' a PNG iconset. (128x128
chocolatefolders.lha  gra/ico  153kb  'Chocolate Folders' a PNG iconset (128x1
cowmilk.lha           gra/ico  102kb  'CowMilk' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
pizzaicons.lha        gra/ico  961kb  'PizzaIcons 1 and 2' a PNG iconset. (128
playmate.lha          aud/mis  130kb  General purpose instrument tuner & metro
2001.lha              gra/ico  389kb  '2001 a Space Odyssey' a PNG iconset.
animauls.lha          gra/ico  213kb  'Animauls' a PNG iconset. (128x128)
digital_video.lha     gra/ico  235kb  'Digital Video' a PNG iconset. (128x128,
fight_club.lha        gra/ico  554kb  'Fight Club' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64
icollection.lha       gra/ico  657kb  'iCollection' a PNG icon collection.
kiwiana.lha           gra/ico  146kb  'Kiwiana' a PNG iconset. (128x128, 64x64
apod.tar.bz2          uti/har  783kb  apod - perl based ipod application for O
mixer-steel.lha       aud/mis    9kb  Mixer theme
dosbox.lha            emu/com    1Mb  MS DOS emulator
freesci.lha           gam/adv  678kb  Sierra games interpreter
icns2png.lha          gra/con  232kb  MacOs Icons (icns)-To-Png-Converter
feltcritters.lha      gra/ico  993kb  FeltCritters , fluffy pngicons =)
zlibrary.lha          dev/lib   40kb  zlib core as a shared library for AmigaO
adv770.lha            gam/adv  976kb  Text adventure Adv770
openjazz.lha          gam/pla  202kb  Jazz Jackrabbit games interpreter.
wesnoth_data.lha      gam/str   46Mb  Battle for Wesnoth - Data File     gra/ico  981kb  HunoPNG'sPack2 Fix for Workbench
analog.lha            net/mis    2Mb  Analog - A popular server log analysis t
(cg) (Translation: (aj)

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Martin 'Mason' Merz (ANF)

Toolbar icons: Amiga Image Storage System 2
Amiga Image Storage System (AISS) is a system for managing toolbar pictures under AmigaOS and comes with a big collection of default icons. The pictures are saved in two separate directories (standard images and further icons added by the user) which can be accessed via a common assign.

Important: AISS 2 is incompatible with earlier versions! The document 'Uninstall.html' explains how to remove older versions. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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x (ANF)

Amithlon: step-by-step installation guide
Under the title link is an hard disk installation of the emulator Amithlon demonstrated with many pictures. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Jens Langner (ANF)

Charset conversion: codesets.library 6.0
The codesets.library allows applications to use codeset/charset tables via a unique interface and to convert between different charsets, e.g. within an email client from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1.

Applications already using the codesets.library are among others the Instant Messenger 'Epistula' and the current "developer" versions of the known mailer software YAM.

The library (recently released under the LGPL) is available as version 6.0 for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOSt. Next to the porting to AmigaOS 4 were numerous changes made in this version making it in some points incompatible with earlier versions. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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25.Feb.2006 (website)

AmigaOS 4: MSN plugin and updates for Instant Messenger Epistula
A new version of the Instant Messenger Epistula is available for download via the title link. Since the last release were numerous bugs found and fixed, besides there's a new version of the plugin development kit. A plugin for the Microsoft MSN protocol is available, too.

Epistula requires the codesets.library to work. (cg) (Translation: (wk)

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Andreas Magerl (ANF)

Car racing: update for Desert Racing released
There are three patches available for the racing game Racing for the full version and the demo version. While the patch files for the full version can only be requested via email because of copy protection you can download those for the demo version using the title link.

The demo version can be downloaded there, too, if needed (230 MB, reuired hard disk space 600 MB). To receive the patch for the full version your real name and the retailer's name and the invoice number are needed if the game's bought somewhere else than from APC&TCP. (snx) (Translation: (wk)

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