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Archive 10/2006

30.Oct.2006 (Webseite)

Game database: 61 new titles at
The interactive game database has been updated with 61 new titles. (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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30.Oct.2006 (Webseite)

Adventure interpreter: ScummVM 0.9.1 (AmigaOS 4/MorphOS)
scummvm is a so called "Virtual Machine". With its help it is possible to play several classic Point'n-Click-Adventures on modern hardware. These are the most important changes in the newest version:
  • Many fixes for Humongous Entertainment games and better support for international versions of the games
  • Improved detection of the FM-TOWNS version of Indy3
  • Several fixes for The Feeble Files and more non-English versions are supported now
  • Some parts of the Kyrandia engine were rewritten so the game needs less CPU power now, and thus works better on lower-end devices
  • The PSP, PS2 and WinCE ports were greatly improved
  • The PalmOS port is again up-to-date and features separate build for Tapwave Zodiac
  • The WinCE port supports 2002 devices again
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Thomas Werner (ANF)

GP2X: New UAE4all-version 0.6.1 with FAME/C-core and MMU-Hack
Today version 0.6.1 of the Amiga emulator UAE4all was published for the Linux based handheld console GP2X.

Now the emulator contains the FAME/C-68000 processor core as well as a MMU-hack and thus according to the forum of the German GPX2-portal achieves almost the original speed.

A video which shows the current version was published at YouTube here.

Update: (30.10.2006, 17:00, cg)

Meanwhile version 0.6.1 is available which is to fixes some bugs at overclocked devices. (snx) (Translation: (dr)

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IRC-client: WookieChat 2.4 beta 12
James Carroll has published another beta version of his MUI based IRC-client WookieChat for AmigaOS 3/4. The changes you can read in the Changelog .

Download: wookiechat2_4_beta12_30thOct2006.lha (674 KB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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30.Oct.2006 (Webseite)

BlitzBasic: New version of the editor PED (beta)
Sven Dröge has published a new version of the BlitzBasic text editor PED which should fixes some minor bugs under AmigaOS 4.

Direct download: PED_V2513.lha (170 KB) (cg) (Translation: (dr)

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Aminet-Uploads until 29.10.2006
These are the new Aminet uploads whic have been added since our lasr message:
SpamFryer.lha            comm/mail   134K    GEN   Deletes unwanted mail from server unread
mp3_dec.lha              dev/basic    15K    OS3   mpega.library devkit for BB, mp3 decoder
cfasm.lha                dev/cross    93K    OS3   ColdFire Assembler v2.96
cflink.lha               dev/cross    36K    OS3   ColdFire Linker v2.32
cfmake.lha               dev/cross    28K    OS3   ColdFire Maker v1.58
nano-1.2.5-bin-m68k.lha  dev/gg      378K    OS3   Enhanced clone of the Pico text editor
coreutils-bin.lha        dev/misc    4.2M    OS4   GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha        dev/misc    7.6M    GEN   GNU core utilities (source)
m4.lha                   dev/misc    196K    OS4   M4 - Unix macro processor - OS4 bin
France.lha               docs/hyper   67M    GEN   Encyclopedia about France
Africa.lha               game/board  202K    OS3   Conversion of 3W boardgame
SView5.lha               gfx/misc    2.4M    VAR   SView5 Image Viewing/Processing Package
AMIGA-Project1.lha       hard/hack    30K    GEN   A simple kids project for the AMIGA
TS-Meter0.35a.lha        hard/hack   759K    OS3   Measuring speaker-parameters (German!)
AmiArcadia.lha           misc/emu    200K    OS3   Emerson Arcadia 2001 emulator
8svx_comp.lha            mus/misc     22K    OS3   new 8SVX (de)compressor
ADPCM_dec.lha            mus/misc     17K    OS3   Decoder for C. Buchner's ADPCM package
musepack.lha             mus/misc    777K    OS4   Musepack for AmigaOS4
playOGG.lha              mus/play    1.2M    OS3   multi format sound player.  pix/illu     44K    GEN   Amiga classic logo in vector format
BarPack.lha              pix/misc     35K    GEN   BarPack, Some gfx for forum signature.
AMF-MixIcons.lha         pix/picon   320K    GEN   PNG-Icons for PowerIcons patch
KukoIcons.lha            pix/picon   369K    GEN   KUKOIcons, a pack of PNG icons.
MorphoPack.lha           pix/picon   118K    GEN   MorphoPack, a pack with butterflies.
Annotate.lha             text/edit    71K    OS3   Text Editor with advanced features
Annotate_src.lha         text/edit   218K    GEN   Text Editor with advanced features (sour
Annotate_usr.lha         text/edit   266K    OS4   Text Editor with advanced features
QuickSketch.lha          text/edit    21K    OS3   A simple WB-prg to sketch and write in.
guideml.lha              text/hyper  164K    VAR   AmigaGuide -> HTML converter with GUI
UniDecode0.11.lha        util/conv    17K    OS3   Decodes UTF8/UTF7/HTML/URL to ANSI
AllKeys.lha              util/misc   101K    VAR   Use ALL rawkeys incl. MultiMedia-keys
MultiRen.lha             util/misc   200K    OS3   Powerful multi-file renaming tool (MUI)
rac_aminet.lha           util/rexx     7K    GEN   search/download aminet files from CLI
abc-shell.lha            util/shell  311K    OS4   Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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30.Oct.2006 Uploads until 29.10.2006
These are the new uploads at which have been added since our last message:
m4.lha                  dev/mis  196kb  m4 - Unix macro processor - OS4 bin
abc-shell.lha           dev/uti  310kb  Amiga Bourne Compatible Shell
coreutils-bin.lha       dev/uti    4Mb  GNU core utilities
coreutils-src.lha       dev/uti    7Mb  GNU core utilities (source)
musepack.lha            aud/mis  777kb  Musepack for AmigaOS4
misscmd.lha             gam/act   78kb  Missile Command clone
spacewar.lha            gam/act  435kb  A simple 2 player shooter
universe-two_kitch.lha  dem/sce    3Mb  Universe - #Two: Kitch
libsdl_anim.lha         dev/lib  709kb  libSDL_anim displays anim files
qonk.lha                gam/str  669kb  A space strategy/colonisation game
http-handler.lha        net/mis   30kb  Virtual HTTP device with WebDAV support
plasma.lha              dem/mis  157kb  The classic Plasma effect now for SDL
ptcdemos.lha            dem/mis  336kb  The Fire and Tunnel SDL demos from the P
roaddemo.lha            dem/mis  237kb  An SDL/GL (!) bezier curve demo that dra
screenart.lha           dem/mis  169kb  A smally dizzyfying SDL demo
sdlsinusfont.lha        dem/mis  615kb  A SDL sinus font demo
waves.lha               dem/mis  134kb  A small liquid surface modelling SDL dem
sdlisomouse.lha         dev/exa  290kb  An example on Isometric landscapes + mou
sdlmousescrolling.lha   dev/exa  461kb  A SDL example of how to do smooth scroll
sdlmousetile.lha        dev/exa  290kb  An SDL example on how to use mouse and t
sdlpathfind.lha         dev/exa  133kb  A SDL path find example
starmap.lha             gra/mis  126kb  Starmap - A strange but cool fractal pro
pslide.lha              gra/vie  554kb  Perigee Slideshow - A picture viewer
allkeys.lha             uti/mis  101kb  Use all mapped rawkeys which include mos
eggtimer.lha            uti/mis    1Mb  An Eggtimer
annotate.lha            uti/tex  265kb  Text Editor with advanced features
annotate_src.lha        uti/tex  217kb  Text Editor with advanced features (sour
wood_theme.lha          gra/the    1Mb  Wood Theme
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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AROS-Archives: Uploads until 29.10.2006
These are the new uploads at AROS-Archives which have been added since our last message:
marranoftp.exe  net/ftp   77kb  A Very marrano FTP Client
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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dietmar (ANF)

Cubic IDE: Service pack 4 / End of support for GoldED AIX

Cubic IDE:

There is a small service update for the Cubic IDE development environment and for microgolded, which merely contains corrections (changes).

End of support for GoldED AIX:

The support for GoldED AIX ends officially today (and with it, also the possibility of a cross-update to Cubic IDE). GoldED AIX was released four years ago and last updated two years ago.

Reachability via E-Mail:

The normal support address for Cubic IDE will be unreachable in the first week of November. You can find the alternative address on the contact page. (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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Amiga Future (Web page)

Jump'n'Run: Halloween demo version of Mr.Beanbag (AGA)
A new demo version of Mr.Beanbag, a classical Jump'n'Run game in the style of the Sonic series, was made available. Theme of this level: Halloween (screenshot). (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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Amiga Future (Web page)

Catalog Compiler: SimpleCat 3.00 Beta 6
Guido Mersmann has released a new version of his catalog compiler SimpleCat for AmigaOS, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS. With version 3, SimpleCat obtains a user interface, which should satisfy both developers and translators.

However, it must be pointed out that this is about a beta version, which is still partly incomplete. Since the manual is not updated yet, the online help does not work yet either. However, in the author's opinion, the MUI balloons should give sufficient support. (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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Amigaharry (ANF)

MorphOS: SearchStar 0.73j
In version 0.73j, the search program SearchStar for MorphOS by Tom 'Amigaharry' Duin is now able to delete files in addition.

SearchStar is written in PowerPC machine language and searches, for instance, inside of files as well as file comments as well, comparatively fast. (snx) (Translation: (cad)

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27.Oct.2006 (Webseite)

MorphOS: Updates of three Reggae classes
Grzegorz "Krashan" Kraszewski has published three updates of his MorphOS libraries for stream media:
  • Bugfix in audio.output and update to 51.5. Added missing stream seek to the start after playback is finished at stream end. Makes it consistent with MMM_Stop (which rewinds stream too).
  • netpbm.demuxer 51.2 now fully supports NetPBM "P1" subformat (monochrome plain text images). Internal buffering speeds up decoding of ASCII data.
  • bitplane decoder 51.2 has internal buffering added as well. These are two first Reggae classes written in C++.
(cg) (Translation: (dr)

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